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Monday, September 8, 2014

Kim from New Zealand

Hi there. I really just need help removing a curse. I have been contacting absolutely everyone and I am just getting nothing back. Possibly it could be part of the curse. It's not for me, its for my partner and his family. It seems to be a generational thing. I'm exhausted.

Honestly any feedback is welcome. I adore magic. I have an affinity for witchcraft but I am not a witch and just don't feel I am powerful enough to remove whatever is bothering my partner's family. Thanks for your time.


Dear Kim,

Anyone who has the focus and need to remove a curse CAN. It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a witch or not.  No one but you, your partner, or his family should perform the curse removal.

13 Magickal Moons has a Curse Removal Kit which has had an extremely high success rate.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rebecca from Virginia

If one feels drawn towards Hecate as their Goddess of choice/Deity, which God would be appropriate for balancing energy? Thank you. :)


Dear Rebecca,

In Greek mythology, Zeus honored Hecate above all others, so I would feel safe in saying He would be an appropriate option.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ashley from Fairfax, VA

I was wondering if there were books you recommend for introducing a child to Wicca? My son (about to turn 9) is becoming interested and I was looking for aides to help him understand. Thank you!


Dear Ashley,

There are a few really fantastic books I can recommend for you.

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year Beltane, Litha, Lammas, and Mabon by Kyrja

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara by Kyrja

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year Activity Book by Kyrja

Family Wicca: Revised and Expanded Edition by Ashleen O'Gaea


Friday, September 5, 2014

Rachael from Isle of Man

Hi, I'm not sure if I'm imagining this, but today I went for a walk in the forest. We took the wrong path, leading us to fallen trees in our way. I decided to go ahead and see where it leads. As I was watching the ground to see where it was safe to stand, I felt as if something was telling me where exactly to go. I got through the branches with ease while my friend was struggling way behind. They told me I looked like I knew where all the loose branches were, as if I set it up, and knew the bad parts. Is this a sign of my inner power starting to emerge? I love animals and everything to do with the outdoors. I'm not sure if it's my mind playing tricks, but it felt like something was guiding me through. I'm very new to this, but your help will be greatly appreciated! :)


Dear Rachael,

Your spirit guide was guiding you through. You were open enough to hear your spirit guide direct you where to go. Your friends were not, which isn't a slight against them, it just shows how open you were to listening to directions.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Niko from Pittsburg, CA

Hello, I have a question about Deity that is quite confusing to me. It actually has been for quite a long time. It's more of a Wiccan concept, I believe, in the soft polytheist view of the Divine. I understand that there is the Divine, Creator; then Wiccans divide the Source into two halves, God and Goddess. The confusion begins with the cultural deities. All cultural deities are aspects, forms, or faces of the Divine God and Goddess, correct? But some books claim to never mix deities, because some do not get along, according to mythology. But if they are all forms of the Divine, why would this be an issue? God conflicting with God?..It just doesn't make sense to me unless you're a hard polytheist viewing them each as separate and unique entities and not a part of one whole. Is it because of energy?. If I am doing love work, I would call upon Aphrodite for example, and not goddess Morrigan, because this aspect of the Goddess deals with more war, battle and over-coming obstacles rather than love. If it deals with "energy," that makes sense to me. Any advice would be much appreciated. Blessings!


Dear Niko,

I agree with you. I often tell my students to work with the deities that they feel a pull towards, no matter the culture they stem from.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Emily from England

Hello, something terrible has happened and I desperately need some money. I want to apply for a loan to cover the costs but I don't know if I will get it. I have already been declined once. Please can you give me a spell so that I can be successful when I apply this afternoon? Please help me. I am not a greedy person. I always try to help others, but right now when I need help, no one is here to help me. Thank you.


Dear Emily,

Try this attraction spell using a magnet. Write the (reasonable) amount of the loan on a bay leaf. Put the side of the bay leaf that has the amount written on it against your driver's license. Using two refrigerator magnets, put a magnet on either side of the license and bay leaf so the magnets hold it all together. This can attract the money to you. Hold the items in your hand and repeat the following incantation three times: 
"Lord and Lady, hear my plea, approve this loan quickly for me."


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anthony from San Antonio, TX

This isn't a question as much as it is advice/help. I have always known I've had a certain connection to myself, others, the earth, and the higher power out there. I've always known and believed I am a witch. I've just always been a little nervous/scared to tap into and really start to use these gifts since I didn't really know how. I used to watch Charmed as a kid, and though it's not at all what real magic is, I connected with it. So within the last three years, I've started to practice spells and rituals. But as I've sort of started to see results, I've started to use them in a very personal gain manner. I just want to know how it is you three refrain from this. I understand and believe personally that magic should be practiced to benefit the earth and its cause, not to change something that I want.

Also, lately, I've been doing this more often, and I find myself drained, feeling out of energy, and very weak. I know this is due to the way I practice magic. I just need advice on how to continue.


Dear Anthony,

I disagree with the personal gain thing. I think it's completely okay to perform magick for yourself to make your life better, just not at the malicious expense of another person. You may be feeling drained because you are not grounding, centering, and replenishing your energy sources after performing magick.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Anonymous Sisters from Decatur, GA

Um... Why are you guys so full of awesome?

Seriously though, thank you for providing a blog which allows people from all walks of life to ask spiritual and personal questions, even those that are cray :) The answers given are thoughtful and kind, straight-forward, and even abrasively blunt when needed. Blessed be.


Dear Anonymous Sisters,

Because of people like you who take the time to read our wacky little blog! Thanks for the compliment; you made our day!

Namaste, bitches! ;)


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Neishmarie from Florida

Can you give me real powers?


Dear Neishmarie,



Saturday, August 30, 2014

Amethyst from Edmonton, Canada

Hello, I have this necklace and I was wondering if it had anything to do with magic. It's a blue circle rock shaped like a donut, and it's tied to a red string.


Dear Amethyst,

If it's a natural stone with a natural hole, then it's considered a witch's stone, which is extrememly protective. But I have no idea what blue, round rock you have, so that's my best guess.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Ant from Boston, MA

Is it possible for you to do a spell to grow my penis from where you are without me being present?


Dear Ant,

Oh, honey. I would rule the world if I could enlarge a man's penis using magickal means!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Helpless Meg from New England

Hi, I'm not sure where to turn. This isn't exactly a giant problem, just something that effects my general mood. My boyfriend is a Wiccan as well as an empath, and for an odd reason I can feel when he's in my head. It's a very distracting thing, my stomach turns, I get hot like I'm blushing, and it feels like he's staring into the back of my skull, even though he lives halfway across the country. Is there a way to stop this? I can normally shake most of the feeling when I concentrate on pushing it away, but it bugs the living hell out of me.


Dear Helpless Meg,

Yes. Black tourmaline will help put a protective barrier between you and him. But your boyfriend has no right rooting around in your head. Give him one warning - do it again and we're done - and if he does it again, dump his sorry ass!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hayley from United Kingdon

Hello there. (A challenging one, this - as it goes back decades): My now elderly stepfather made the mistake of lending a precious historical artifact to a well-known British comedian who needed it for one of his routines. He went repeatedly to the theatre to collect it as they'd agreed, and phoned the man's agent many times, but was always fobbed off! The comic (now also elderly) is still using it today! I'd love to get it back for my stepdad. Any ideas? (He's been told since that the chap never gives back things he has "borrowed" - bit of a crook it seems...)


Dear Hayley,

Dorothy Morrison's book, Utterly Wicked, has some great spells in it which you could use to try to get the article back.

Also, contact a lawyer before he dies, or else your historical artifact will become his family's heirloom!