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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jenny from Dale City, VA

There is a person, an ex, who constantly pops up in my life and causes me a lot of pain. I want to do a banishing spell and I'm not really sure what to do or what I'd need. Any suggestions?


Dear Jenny,

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could actually banish all exes from our lives. I know my life would certainly be better if I could. But since banishing a person isn’t possible without doing serious harm, I would suggest that you banish the influence of the ex in your life.

1 black candle (and a candle holder)
9 clothing pins (with a black top if possible)
1 picture of the ex (s/he should be alone in the picture)
A pinch each of: cayenne pepper, black pepper, black salt
A cookie sheet with aluminum foil (to protect the sheet)
1 black marker (sharpie works best)

On the back of the picture write:

You no longer matter and I no longer care
Your influence over me I no longer share
You’re less than nothing in my life today
So you and your influence can go the F*&K AWAY

Place the black candle into the candleholder.

Pin the picture to the candle using the 9 pins (be sure to put pins in the eyes and mouth).

Sprinkle the herbs on and around the candle.

Light the candle.

Once the candle has finished burning, take the candle holder off the sheet (no point in throwing it away), wad up the remains of your spell and bury it away from your home (by at least ½ a mile).