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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lexi from Gainesville, VA

I need help. My natural power is still intact though I haven't exercised it in a while. My younger sister (almost 7) has had trouble with bad spirits following her off and on since she was 2. I wanted to get her a pendant with the eolh rune and put a protection charm on it and wanted to know:

1) Do you have a recommendation on a charm (and/or a protection spell/charm for her bedroom)? 
2) Is there a specific rope/chain that I can place the pendant on? 
3) What other recommendations would you suggest? 

We've cleansed the house twice and new spirits come in. Their epicenter is her room so she refuses to sleep in there and I'm running out of options. Thank you so much!


Dear Lexi,

I would recommend creating a talisman for her using a combination of herbs, oil, and polymer clay. Go to your local craft store and buy a package of black oven-bake polymer clay (I like to use Sculpey III). Work the clay with your hands until it is soft and pliable, then create a rough bowl out of it. Take a piece of black tourmaline and beat it with a hammer until you have tiny chips. Add items to the clay bowl that will protect your sister: the tourmaline chips, a small pinch of black salt (DO NOT USE WHITE SALT because it's a conductor and magnifier of energy), powdered cinnamon, powdered orris root, and one drop of lavender essential oil. Work all of the ingredients into the clay. Keep in mind you are using sharp bits of gemstone, so be careful not cut yourself. Once the ingredients have been worked in, roll the clay out with a rolling pin until it is roughly 1/4" thick. Cut out a circle of clay using a cookie cutter. Using a toothpick, draw the rune and poke a hole in the clay so it can be worn as a pendant. Bake it according to directions on the package. After baking, paint the rune red for protection. Let the paint dry then put a clear coat of polyurethane over it to protect everything. Hang the pendant on any kind of cord or chain. 
Before you give the talisman to your sister, see her being protected against spirits. 

To protect your home, put 3 pieces of black tourmaline in each corner of the house and black salt across any entranceway. In your sister's room, put 3 pieces of black tourmaline between her box spring and mattress. The idea here is to protect your sister from her gifts, not take them away. When she gets older, she will have the option of being able to develop and use them.


Ravenstar from Canada


I am an eclectic Witch and can't seem to find any info on this anywhere - hopefully I can find something here. I saw something that has me a bit rattled. I am involved in a group of people (secular) and had a problem with one woman - well, we all did - she's a control freak and a narcissist, but enough about her psychological state. During a discussion I said something that really angered (and maybe threatened her ego) her. She has blue eyes and I saw the irises go dead black - like a shark's - then a moment later they were blue again. 

Now I would have put this down to a trick of the light or some weird perception of my own but my friend who is a Wiccan and also part of this group saw this person do the same thing several weeks later. This was before I shared my experience with my friend so I know it wasn't the power of suggestion. 

What the hell is that? I have my suspicions but want to suspend judgment until I've gathered more info. 

We've done a binding on this person about a month ago - because she just would NOT be reasoned with and her actions were harmful to those around her, but we both sense that we may be missing out on the right info to deal effectively with her, though the binding has been successful in most areas for a little while. 

Any information or advice would be much appreciated. 



Dear Ravenstar,

The reason you're not finding any info on eclectic witchcraft is because it's eclectic, meaning it is pulled form many different traditions. Eclectic witchcraft is kind of like Heinz 57, a little bit of everything pulled from different places to make a personalized spiritual practice.

Now get ready not to like me. I suspect you've written in with the idea that this woman is a "demon." But the truth is what you saw was purely physiological. When someone feels extremely threatened or has a high emotional pitch, the pupils can expand dramatically, which explains what you and other people saw. Just because someone's a bitch doesn't mean they're evil.

If so many people in your group have negative feelings about this woman then perhaps everyone should consider voting her out. If you feel the need to bind a member of your close-knit community, then there's a serious problem. Instead of binding her, you may all want to take steps to place protective barriers between you and this woman. Hope this helps.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cerridwyn from Fredericksburg, VA

What would you do to get your child back?


Dear Cerridwyn,

How did you lose your child? Without knowing the circumstances, I can't help you with a ritual or a spell.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angie from Nocona, TX

What herbs do I use and what do I need for faithfulness and truth?


Dear Angie,

Are you trying to be faithful or trying to make someone else faithful?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Philip from North Yorkshire, UK

Hello. I'd like to know if Wicca and spirituality is calling me, and will I find eternal happiness and contentment and a soul mate?


Dear Philip,

Am I being web-punked? Spirituality doesn't call you; you either are or aren't spiritual. Wicca can call you, but it isn't going to be on the telephone. ;) If you're willing to work at it, absolutely you'll find happiness, peace, contentment, and a soulmate!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Katie from Alexandria, VA

I bought a book at the closing sale at my neighboring Borders recently about how to practice Witchcraft on a budget. I had never really thought much about the Craft but I find myself being more and more interested in practicing it. I'm in my senior year of high school and not really in a place to fully commit myself to all parts of the Craft but I think that there some parts that would apply to me and my beliefs. Is it okay to practice some but not all parts of the Craft? I wouldn't want to offend any Gods, Goddesses, or Spirits by accident. Also, do you have any tips on ways to get started? Thanks!


Welcome Katie!

Walking the path of witchcraft has a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs, but the great part about being a witch is being able to choose your own spiritual path. Absolutely, practice the parts you want to practice and enjoy what you're practicing.

As a beginner, I would recommend starting off with small rituals like simple candlelighting rituals to help you become more connected with your chosen spiritual path. Continue to read as much and as often as you can, and don't be aftraid to write in with more questions if you have them.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Tara from Maine

I recently made a witch bottle as a last resort to a gentleman and his wife who were giving my hubby and I a hard time. I felt the need to dramatically protect our family because we are starting to have bad luck since the intrusion of this couple, which was very unusual for us. Karmically, we're safe to use the witch bottle, correct?

I'm a Reiki Master and psychic medium. I've been using Archangel Raphael, Michael, sage, and lilac for clearings. I could feel all that negative energy all the time from the couple. I made my witch bottle and I feel great. :) I hope this was safe for me to do. I was guided to do it so I'm hoping I wasn't out of line with the Universe. Thank you.


Dear Tara,

If you were guided to do it and you feel good about doing it, then you did the right thing. I hope this response finds all that negative energy far, far away from you!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bonny from Washington, DC

I'm looking for a good spell to heal my dog of a long-standing condition. I have a TON of candles, herbs, and stones purchased at 13 Magickal Moons over the years, but don't know the best combination for this purpose. Thank you for any suggestions you can offer.

Dear Bonny,

I wish I could answer this question, but there are a lot of factors involved. What type of condition does your dog have and how long has it been going on? Are you looking for magickal or medicinal ways of healing? (Always remember that alternative medicine should be done only in conjunction with conventional veterinary treatment. In addition, medicine and treatments designed for humans isn't necessarily good for pets.) If you can answer these questions, I'll be happy to respond as quickly as I can.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Marie from Alexandria, VA

I have a cat named Mickey, who is also my familiar and he's one very outdoorsy cat. Mickey was missing for about five weeks (this isn't the first time he was missing), but when we found him, he was well fed and still healthy. The problem is that he acted differently toward me and isn't being himself. Mickey is acting very distant like he doesn't recognize me at all. I'm planning to perform a protection spell on him, to keep him safe. But how can I get that bond back with my familiar and what should I do?


Dear Marie,

The best recommendation I can give you is when you perform the ritual be sure to invoke Bast, the Egyptian goddess of all things feline. Be sure to include a representation of Bast and your beloved Mickey on your altar. Personally, I would recommend having the two items touching or as close to each other as possible. Good luck, sweetheart!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Emily from Sterling, VA

I bought a couple of spirit (animal) candles in your shop the other day. Do you have any suggestions for how best to use them? Thanks.


Dear Emily,

Make sure you charge the candles with your intent by placing both of your palms on the candle and thinking about why you bought those specific candles. After that, place them in a shallow bowl, light the wick, and enjoy the power that comes from them. (Be sure to keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" as it burns!)