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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cheryl from Foley, AL

Hello, do you think it is possible for a living person's astral self to become a guide for someone else without its host body knowing it? A friend who was not into metaphysics started being contacted by the higher self of a very famous actor who is still alive, and now he has become one of my guides. I see him and hear him and others pick up on him and someone else saw him in the vehicle with me and recognized him. Just wanted to know if others have any input....Blessed be.


Dear Cheryl,

In answer to your first question, no. The physical host body would be aware if the soul separated from it, which is what astral travel is. We don't live in the movies despite what your famous actor is doing. Get some help. Really.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Annabell from Connellsville, PA

I just had a quick question about the books such as Teen Witch, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, and Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft. Where can you buy books like these?


Dear Annabell,

Your local metaphysical might carry these books. Or you can find them both on!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Bonnie from Manassas, VA

I recently bought a star faerie celestial amulet - the amulet with the faerie on a shooting star. I was wondering, because I've looked it up on Google as well as the catalog I've bought it from, how do I use this? I can only seem to find the same description for it everywhere.


Dear Bonnie,

Cleanse and consecrate the amulet with your specific intention/magickal wish and wear or carry it with you everyday. When you are not wearing it, place it on your altar.

For cleansing and consecration ritual, refer to the answer to Cameron from Fresno, CA.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Valerie from Blackstone, MA

Would using a stone which is within my sign (Capricorn) for my rituals help me be stronger?


Dear Valerie,

Absolutely! Great gemstones for Capricorn are peridot, amber, turquoise, malachite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, garnet, amethyst, and fluorite.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Brian from Pittsville, VA

Before I explain my reason for writing, I would like to give you a little background. I am not a spiritual or religious person. I have lived my whole life believing that with the right technology, science can answer any question. Now at 40 years of age, I'm starting to question that belief. What I'm about to write is hard for me to believe and if it had not been for the friends that experienced this with me, I would have thought myself needing therapy. I have tried to find answers on my own (I am fairly talented at research) to no ends and I find myself hoping you can help. 

I was standing outside my home on a cool autumn night with several friends. We were standing in my front yard talking and laughing when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. A thick red fog about six feet in diameter and approximately twenty feet in the air was moving downwards to me. It was such a contrast to the dark clear night, the shade of red it had was surreal. Everyone noticed I had stopped talking and I could hear the gasps and shock coming from my friends as they also saw this fog. 

This fog moved at a moderate/slow pace straight for me. Several of my friends were yelling at me to get out of its way. Though I had plenty of time to do so, I stayed in the same spot and watched its descent. My friends at this point had moved a considerable distance away from me. When the fog reached me, it stopped and hovered in the air, right in front of my face. 

Now, I don’t know what lead me to do this, but I put my hand in the red fog. Nothing happened, but a moment later the fog went back up the same path it had come down until I could no longer see it. Now, you would think this would be the end of the story, but I left out one piece of information...this red fog was not disturbed by nor did it follow the breeze in the air that night!! 

Can you explain any of this?


Dear Brian,

Colored fog or smog can be caused by particulates (like those caused by a dust storm or volcano) or pollution. This case in the UK is attributed to emissions being trapped by particularly heavy fog. 
While what you saw certainly may have been a natural phenomenon, I have been unable to find any specific explanations for something only six feet in size.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cameron from Fresno, CA

Hello witchcraft master. I would like to ask a couple of questions. My first question: How do I make a whip magical, kind of like a wand being magical, only I want my whip to be magical? My second question: What is the easiest spell a person can ever do? I'm asking that question because I have been trying to do spells for a very long time and yet none of them have worked. I do believe I can do some kind of spell because I'm in a world of imagination. In other words, my creativity is large like the world. Anyway, thank you for your time.


Dear Cameron,

Ok... I have to ask... Why do you want to make your whip magical? 

Consecrating Your Tools 
Before you use your tools in rituals or spell work, they must first be consecrated. Why? First, it removes any negative energy that may be attached to it and secondly, it sets the item apart for magickal use. Once you have consecrated a tool, use it only during ritual or spell work. If you use it for mundane purposes, you will have to consecrate it before each ritual that you do. 

What you will need: 
1. Representation of the Lord and Lady (like a gold and silver candle) 
2. Representation of each of the Elements (bowl of salt for Earth, feather for Air, bowl of water for Water, red or orange candle for Fire) 
3. Representation of yourself (like a candle in your favorite color or a picture of yourself) 
4. The tool (or tools) you will be consecrating 
5. Table (altar) 

In a straight line at the top of the table, put your God item on the right, the Goddess item on the left, and your item in the center. Place the representations of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in the center of the table, again in a straight line. Finally, set your unconsecrated tool(s) on the table nearest you. Take a few moments to calm your mind and center yourself. Once you feel you are ready, do the following: 

1. Hold up the tool to be consecrated and say “By the powers of the four elements, I consecrate this __________ (name of tool) in the name of the Lord and Lady (you can use names of your patron God/dess if you wish)." 
2. Pass the tool over Earth and say “By the strength and stability of Earth, I consecrate this ______ (name of tool)." 
3. Pass the tool over Air and say “By the inspiration and creativity of Air, I consecrate this ______ (name of tool)." 
4. Pass the tool over Fire and say “By the passion and determination of Fire, I consecrate this ______ (name of tool)." 
5. Pass the tool over Water and say “By the compassion and emotion of Water, I consecrate this ______ (name of tool)." 
6. Hold the tool in your hands for a few moments and say “Lord and Lady (again, you can use the names of your patron God/dess if you wish) I thank you for blessing this ________ (name of tool)." 

Repeat steps 1-6 for each tool that you are consecrating. Once you have finished consecrating your tool(s), extinguish the candle flames and put each consecrated item away in a safe place. 

As for your second question… It sounds as if your spells aren’t working because in order for a spell to be sent out into the Universe to create change in your life, you must have a lot of FOCUS. Trying living less in the world of imagination and more in the world of reality when performing rituals and casting spells.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Naomi from Kuala Lumpur

Merry meet! I'm having problems in school. My grades are slipping and I've been trying to get myself back into doing well, but nothing seems to be working and I am devastated. Also, I feel as though I'm failing myself and everybody else most of the time. I'm always so frustrated with myself and nobody seems to be helping me even when I ask, including my best friend. I need some help, please. Thank you, and blessed be. )O(


Dear Naomi,

You need to stop being so hard on yourself! That isn't helping matters at all. There are gemstones and herbs you can use to help build your confidence and your capacity for knowledge retention, such as fluorite and citrine.

Try performing a "Love Yourself Ritual".
Supplies Needed:
Herbs: Catnip, ginseng, and roses 
Gemstones:  Rose quartz and clear quartz
1 candle to represent yourself
Small mirror
Picture of yourself in a frame
1 small velvet drawstring bag in your favorite color

- Mix herbs together.
- Place picture of yourself on your altar and stand the mirror so it faces your picture.
- Place rose quartz on right side of picture and clear quartz on left.
- Place candle between mirror and picture.
- Surround picture, mirror, gemstones, and candle with herbs.
- Light the candle. 
- Meditate on your image and know the image looking back at your picture is the reflection of the Divine. 
- Once the candle has burned out, gather some of the remaining wax (if any), gemstones, and herbs and put into the velvet bag. Carry on your person or in your purse (if you carry one) as a reminder.

Finally, make a list of everyone you asked for help who refused, so later in life when they ask you for help, you can say no!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jillian from New Haven, CT

Today, I decided to go for a walk with my 5-month-old niece. I put her in the carriage and decided to take her cousins along too, a 9-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy. They wanted to go straight ahead, but I wanted to take a right because that part of the neighborhood looked nicer. 

By the way, my sister just very recently moved to this new place. So I went down the street in my usual fashion and was singing to the baby. Then I started to tell stories (the kids all love it when I make up stories) and I was putting each of them as princes or princesses in the story. We were walking on this sunny beautiful day and we realized we were closely approaching a stone bridge with very calm water beneath it. As we were walking across, I happened to notice some objects sitting on the stone edge of the bridge. When I looked more closely, it was a ring with a weird sigil. It was like a triple cross looking design. I'd never seen it. I do have some experience as an amateur witch; my aunt practiced and so did I. I think my case was more natural rather than forced. But it was a silver ring with stars on either side and that sigil. There was something very mysterious about it. 

Then there were two necklaces. One was a string necklace of hand carved common quartz and one had longer dark blue beads and stout brownish ones. The boy grabbed the blue necklace and threw it in the water, and I put on the ring and crystal necklace.

I am in total awe and mystique over this event. I get an overwhelming feeling that these items were placed intentionally for me to find for some reason. I also must express that the ring fit PERFECTLY, as if it were molded to my finger. I've NEVER found a ring that fit so perfectly in my life, and I've found many random rings. Not even a ring I have bought fit as naturally as this one. 

I'm trying to come to a conclusion. Maybe, well I'm 22 and I can't bear children. My aunt and I are natural witches. Perhaps this was the moment when I was gifted by the Goddess to be her (my niece's) teacher? Her Christian baptism was a week or two ago, and I was devastated because I wasn't chosen to be the godmother. Maybe this is something better? I am her protector or something and was given these things for that reason? I get a strong feeling that it is that. It may be otherwise. Maybe I found a cursed item that was abandoned because of the danger it was, and leaving something by water is something a witch might do? 

Anyway, I would REALLY appreciate some help understanding this. Thank you.


Dear Jillian,

Seriously? It's wonderful that the universe gifted you with such beautiful items, however, the universe - and listen to me carefully when I say this to you - is not telling you to go against your niece's mother and teach her a religion you have no business teaching her whatsoever.  Every witch is a natural witch, and you insult every witch when you claim you're natural and others aren't. You either are a witch or you aren't a witch. If you want to be your niece's protector, then be a good person, set a good example, and be a strong, empowered, powerful woman. Respect the decisions your niece's mother makes. Don't use this gift as an excuse to do whatever it is you want to do. What the universe gives, it can take away.

Unnatural Witch

Monday, July 16, 2012

Miriam from El Paso, TX

I wish I had the body of my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. F. My other wish is to already be a grown up, to be a special education teacher, to get married to J. and live together forever.


Dear Miriam,

Sweetie, you don't want to grow up too fast. Being an adult has an awful lot of responsibilities attached to it. Although I'm sure your 5th grade teacher has a beautiful body, know that you're beautiful too, both inside and out. J. may seem really cute right now, but he might turn out to be whiny and mean when he gets older! Being a special education teacher is a fantastic career choice and one I hope you continue to want the older you get. But in order to teach school, you have to go through school. Stay young for now and enjoy the little things like your favorite TV shows, summer vacations, fashion magazines (just ignore those disgustingly skinny models on the front cover!), and chick flicks. Good luck, hon!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mrs. Lofton from Richmond, VA

Hello Friends,
I've noticed in several entries you have recommended High John root*, green aventurine, malachite, and citrine to manifest a job. After I have purchased all of these products, how can I "activate" this spell? Is there a prayer that I must recite or what can I do? Thanks! Blessed Be!


Dear Mrs. Lofton,

You can say a prayer if you want to. The best way to activate the spell is to hold the objects in the palms of your hands*, bring your hands together in prayer position over your heart, and begin to think about your desired outcome, aka a job. Begin by thinking about the type of job you want, the salary you want to be making, the hours and days of the week you want to be working, and in general having a positive visualization session with your objects. By doing this, you're adding energy to the objects. Carry the objects on your person (not in your purse). Alternatively, you can put a copy of your updated resume of your altar and put the energized objects on top of your resume. 

*High John should be kept in a plastic baggie as it is poisonous.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Kari from Castlegar, BC

Hi there! So happy to have found you! My name is Kari. I've been involved in "alternative spiritual practices" for quite some time but have only recently started using spells. I really like and appreciate Diane Ahlquist's book Moon Spells and I've conducted a number of her template spells from that book. In comparison to the other spells in that book, I recently did "Releasing Addiction." I noticed that although Diane seems quite thorough with the other spells, there are some oversights in this one... Because of these, I felt there were gaps in the spell and it wasn't as powerful as the other templates (those I've used so far anyway). One oversight was, in the list of tools the envelope is missing, (I had to leave my formation to go get it). Another seems simple, but I really got hung-up on it: the candles in a row, I didn't know the order to light them or blow them out. Looking back now, I'd probably go left to right... but what do you suggest, and would it be the same motion for both lighting and extinguishing? And, the main reason I'm writing today: Diane lists in the tools a bowl of water, but in the spell she does not say how to use it. I used it in my own way, but I'm curious what you know about the water and if you know what she intended it to be used for. Thanks so much for your help!


Dear Kari,

Sorry, darling, but I don't own the book. In general, if you're going to be performing a spell, you should always walk through it in your mind to get a feel for the flow of the spell before you begin. If you notice "gaps" in the spell, fill them in with your own ideas. It's more important that a spell feel right than it is to follow the letter of anyone else's spell. Your spell probably felt less powerful because you were so hesitant and not because the book was missing a few items. Usually, a bowl of water is used to represent elemental water and often can be used for cleansing and/or washing various items on the altar. As for the candles, depending on the type of candle you're using, you want to let a candle burn itself out; but if you have to blow them out, then you usually blow them out in the opposite order you lit them in. Remember, a spell is magick, which is more intuitive than scientific.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saphira from Woodbridge, VA

My granddaughter Lilly is about to turn 4 years old on July 13th and I want to give her something very special and meaningful. Lilly's mom (my daughter in-law) is the reason that I am a witch today, thank the goddess. Lilly is a girly girl and loves jewelry, clothes, and such. I was thinking of giving her a spiritual pendant, but what would be appropriate for a 4 year old? Blessed be.


Dear Saphira,

You could give her a triple moon pendant or the triquetra. You don't want to buy a pentagram because a 4 year old would have a difficult time explaining to an adult what that symbol meant. The triple moon and triquetra are very spiritual symbols and to the outside world will just look like a pretty piece of jewelry. Before giving her the gift, hold the pendant in the palm of your hands and put your love for her into it. When you feel the energy stop moving, kiss the pendant, and put it in a pretty box.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kayla from Fairfax Station, VA

I was sexually assaulted last year, and right now it's hitting me hard because I recently saw my attacker again. Along with other stresses, this is causing me to lose my mind. I'm having trouble sleeping, and I'm not sexually attracted to anyone anymore. What should I do to supplement my therapy sessions?


Dear Kayla,

I cannot begin to imagine how terrible it was to see your attacker again. I was happy to hear, though, that you are in therapy and that you have continued your therapy sessions, as many survivors of rape find it too difficult to continue. There is an alternative form of therapy that might be something you might be interested in called EMDR. It is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. EMDR can help survivors of a trauma(s) cope and process the trauma in a different manner. EMDR isn't for everyone, but it might be of some help to you. Talk to your current counselor about this idea. 

Magickally speaking, I would personally invoke the Hindu goddess, Kali, for protection and strength to help you through such a difficult time and to help you cope when the rat bastard suddenly appears. I'm not sure the circumstances of how you ran into your attacker, but I'm hoping it was a one-time thing. You will find that Kali is a "dark" goddess, however she is not an evil goddess. If there were ever a goddess you would want by your side to have that rat bastard's balls removed, she is the goddess to embrace. Do your research on Kali. If you are comfortable with working with her, submit another question with an email address, and I will send you a personal empowerment ritual involving Kali.


Aparna from Mumbai

While surfing the net, I came to know about an online witchcraft school. I went to its blog read about it and now I want to join it. I told my father and he said nothing. My question is will I become a witch or not and will I join this online school or not? In my heart, I want to become a witch. Can you please help me? I am an Indian, and I am a Hindu. Is there any rule that witchcraft can only be learned by Christians? Please answer me as soon as possible. I am eager to take your advice.


Dear Aparna,

I'm sorry, but I don't know if you'll join the online school and become a witch. The Ask-A-Witch program is for those looking for answers regarding their spirituality, not a free psychic reading site. 

Most people who study witchcraft are not Christians because Christianity and Wicca are two different religions. You don't have to practice Christianity to practice Wicca. If you are Hindu and you're interested in witchcraft, then by all means, study and practice away. 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

April from Florida

I'm in a 12 step program and I'm struggling with the third step. I've talked to my friends in the program but none of them can help, and several told me to just stop being Wiccan and become Christian. The problem I'm running into is in the 3rd step we are supposed to turn our will and our lives over to the care of a higher power. I'm struggling with this because I believe the Lord and Lady aren't there to tell me what to do and solve my problems for me. I'm not really sure who to "turn it over" to. I have a spirit guide and I'm wondering if this is a role she could fill in my life. I could really use some advice from another Wiccan on this one. Thank you.


Dear April,

First of all, congratulations making it past steps 1 and 2! It shows how strong you truly are!
As for your question... of course the Lord and Lady are there with you. You have never been along and you never will be. 

Hearing the God/Goddess/Divine can be difficult, especially when our mundane world is drowning out our spiritual lives. There is no spell to help you hear the voice of the God/Goddess/Divine, but daily meditations and rituals are a great place to start. Daily rituals are a great way to reconnect with your spirituality without taking up a lot of time.

I would recommend that you create an everyday altar using items that you already have around your home. Be sure to include a representation for the God/Goddess/Divine, each element (earth, air, fire, water), and finally an item to represent yourself. This everyday altar does not need to be large or ornately decorated, just something that represents you and your chosen path. Try to spend 1 to 5 minutes with your altar every day (either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening).

Simple and easy things that can be done in a short amount of time are:

* Light a candle while getting ready in the morning or before bed.

* Purchase a prayer/affirmation book and choose one to use each day.

* Leave a bowl of gemstones on the altar and choose one every day to carry with you.

Once you have reconnected with your spiritual path, you'll hear the voice of the God/Goddess/Divine again. He/She/They are talking to you... you just can't hear Them yet... but you will.

I hope this helps!


TM from Olympia, WA

I am fairly new in my studies of paganism and not sure what is right for me. I have a set of Celtic Oracle Cards and was going to pull one to represent me when a card basically flew out of the deck as I was shuffling them. It was a Lady of Light card that represents Arianrhod. Later, when pulling a card from the Goddesses Deck I pulled Arianrhod. So, I figure I'm being told something - lol. Interestingly I'm also of Welsh descent. Anyway, I don't know where to focus my study now. I've always been drawn to the moon and Wiccan practices but nothing is feeling "right". Would you suggest an area of study that would help? Thank you so much for your time.


Dear TM,

It definitely sounds like Arianrhod is talking to you and is offering Herself up as your Patron Goddess. If "Wicca" doesn't feel right for you then it probably isn't. Perhaps you might want to look into Celtic Witchcraft, Celtic Shamanism, or even Druidism.  

Edain McCoy wrote a book called Celtic Myth & Magick: Harness the Power of the Gods and Goddesses. 


Monday, July 9, 2012

Mary from Fredricksburg, VA

I live with my mother-in-law. She is not an easy person to be around on her good days and lately she has had more and more bad days. She's also picky about what is in her house. Is there some kind of unobtrusive way to relax her some? She doesn't like smokey stuff. I just want '"home" to feel less confining and more, well, homey.


Dear Mary,

I definitely feel sympathy for you. Sometimes living with a monster-in-law brings hell to earth itself! You can use a variety of different gemstones: bloodstone (absorbs negative energy), rose quartz (love and understanding), blue lace agate (de-stressing and peacefulness), and amethyst (protection). Place these gemstones through various parts of the house, especially the rooms she inhabits the most, except her bedroom. You can buy chamomile tea at your local grocery store and begin having an early evening tea time with her. This could lessen some of the "aggressiveness" she might be feeling. You might also want to think about creating an oasis for yourself in your bedroom and start spending more time in there and away from her. Other than that, open a savings account, set a move-out date for yourself, and move heaven and hell to get there! You remind me why me and my in-laws live in two separate states! Blessed be - and remember, physical violence is never the answer! ;)


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sera from Woodbridge, VA

What would you suggest to help prevent nightmares? I'm having them at least three times a week, and they're really starting to affect my job performance due to a lack of sleep. Thank you, and blessed be!


Dear Sera,

If you haven't already, you might want to avoid spicy food in the afternoon, caffeinated or highly sweet beverages, and very sugary desserts right before bedtime. These can cause very vivid dreams in some people. You can also try to use a mild over-the-counter sleeping aid. On a more magickal level, 
you could use citrine, which has been known throughout history as the anti-nightmare stone. Also, write down the nightmares you're having and buy yourself a dream dictionary to help you decode the dream. This could be your subconscious mind trying to tell you something.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

PJ from Washington, DC

May this message find you well. I am experiencing a deep, mutual connection with an individual. His struggle is two-fold: 1) letting go of a feeling of responsibility, with general caring for another, and 2) letting go of his life-ruling fearfulness when it comes to a future with me.  I have struggled to be able to voice this to ask, but believe that I've arrived at a caring and non-selfish conclusion.  I would like to find a local practitioner who could help cast a clarity, courage, and love (sending, not asking to be sent to me) spell. Can you help?


Dear PJ,

No. And here's why: 1) Any spells you cast should only be cast by and for you not for another person. 2) Obviously, you're talking about someone in another relationship, and possibly even married. No matter what this individual has told you, there's an innocent person involved in this. There are some boundaries that shouldn't be crossed, and you're dangerously close to crossing one of them. Your lover needs to make a conscious decision on his own. 
You might want to cast the clarity of mind spell on yourself to see the situation for what it really is. Best of luck, hon. We've all been in close - if not identical - situations as yours. It rarely ever ends well.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paul from Manassas, VA

Hello, I have been lost for quite some time now. I have what I believe to be and what I have been told is natural magic. From a very young age I noticed I was not like other children. I could move clouds and burst them with my mind. Over the years I grew to understand (due to society's view of propriety) that I was just suffering from mental illness. I have always been extremely strong-willed and have seen things before they have happened. For example (extreme), I have told three people in my life that I knew how they would die, and each of them died as I said within various time frames. I did not will them any harm but simply knew their fate.This natural power has re-awakened within me now at the age of 26 and it is something that is gnawing at me, as if I can feel all the agony and pain of the world, the universe, and how the vibrations whisper to me the stories of a person's soul... How I sense energy now in places like I never have so intensely, how I see reoccurring numbers that seem to haunt me before a vision and recently finding I am related to the ancient Celtic druids...I feel alone and lost and have nowhere to turn and no idea who to ask for assistance. Who would understand me, better yet believe? Any kind of advice is most welcome and much appreciated.


Dear Paul,

I debated long and hard, but there's no good way to answer your question. Your plea for help is what grabbed my attention the most. Psychic abilities are gifts we're given from the universe. Gifts can be both positive and negative, but are not only negative, which in your writing is what you've indicated is all you've experienced. This leads me to believe that it could be related to a mental illness, possibly the same one you experienced as a child. Definitely make an appointment with a new psychiatrist. Bring your previous mental health records along with a list of medications you've previously been on and are currently taking. 

Magickally speaking: 1) Don't tell people when they're going to die. You could inadvertently create a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if someone told me I'd be in a car accident on October 29, I would be extremely paranoid on that date and could end up causing my own accident. 2) Psychic powers can be controlled, but you have to want to control them. Begin with your basic shielding. Personally, I like to use titanium. I envision a titanium shield from my feet to the top of my head. It surrounds me and protects me. Nothing goes out and nothing comes in. When I want to use my ability, I thin my shield, but I don't drop it entirely. This shield is in place for my protection and for the protection of others. 3) Like attracts like. If all you feel is negative, all you'll see is negative. The human race is a sick race. If we're not suffering, many people believe we're not living. Use your natural powers to make your life better (but not at the expense of others) or to help those who may need it. If you're looking for a teacher, someone to help you control your natural abilities, you'll be able to find people and groups near you on Witchvox.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Zac from NC

I follow some of the bardic traditions by nature, and I have always had a way with words or verse. I have recently started having more spell or incantations coming to me and I am curious to hear someone's thoughts.... 

To raise the circle:

Thrice times the circle round, 
We call upon earthen ground. 

Guard us from the drumming beats, 
Of that which evil so entreats. 

Dear friend of flame we call you next, 
To burn away all that is malevolent.

Flowing winds of changing air, 
Guard our whispers from whom we fear.

Lastly water we do address, 
To wash away remnants of distress.

As the magic twists and flows, 
Guard us round the circles goes. 

Thrice more round the circle closed, 
Guard us on this hallowed ground.

To break the circle:

Back thrice around the circle flow, 
Our task is done, now we must go.

We thank thee for thine presence here, 
In reverence we hold thee most very dear.

The circle is broken, now all depart, 
As secretly we practice this most sacred art.


Dear Zac,

Very nice! Blessed be!