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Friday, May 31, 2013

Alexandra from London, UK

I wanted to ask something again. I have a friend who tried a fantasy spell and now she is having side effects. So my question is do fantasy spells, like a dragon spell, mermaid spell, vampire spell, etc., really work?


Dear Alexandra,

No, fantasy spells absolutely do not work!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Christina from London, UK

I had a bring-a-lover-back spell performed by a witch for me in January. It did not seem to work; this man did not return. Five days ago, I fell and broke my index finger and also hit my head. Today, I cut another finger, really bad cut, I almost needed stitches. I wonder if this means that the spell is backfiring. And if so, I know it backfires thrice. Should I wait for more?


Dear Christina,



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Faith from Palm Beach, FL

I apologize in advance if this is too long, because it has quite a number of things.

After being told I might be interested in Wicca, I looked it up and got started. After that, I experienced things like healing a family member's pain by imagining squiggly chakra-colored lines going from me into her, as well as a telepathic message to a roommate who would not shut up until I asked her to let me sleep at around 1 a.m.

Because I experienced these things, I believe(d) Wicca was/is true. Then I see paganism/witches being displayed as tools of Satan, and the biblical god told his people "Smash, kill, destroy!"

When I began looking into Christian communities, I learned about conspiracy theories like the New World Order (NWO), Anunnaki aliens, karma/reincarnation was apparently evil, Enki/Enlil, YHWH is apparently a psychopathic evil dude and Christians are possibly worshipping Satan, our true creator(ess) is somewhere else, and evil aliens are controlling the astral world.

Along with the theory that humanity is a slave race, and because it is a slave race, Anunnaki wants us ignorant and will kill us off with the NWO who controls the government and worships Satan. As well as the theory that humans are slaves and aliens want to control us to keep us spiritually ignorant, evil aliens control the astral to keep us from our full potential. Some of them even say Jesus/other prophets were aliens...

On the afterlife: I believed reincarnation. It was a fun, sunny place to me where, once I finish my entire life lesson series, I could create my own universe in the omniverse. Instead of a dollhouse on Earth, I wanted a world-dollhouse... and then there's heaven and hell.

I am confused, so here is a series of questions.

1) Is reincarnation 
 human > human 
 human > bug > horse > tiger, etc.
 human > higher life form > error, end file 
 human > next level > higher levels > create your own life form with a universe-sized "dollhouse"

If I could create my own world/universe, would I be able to live forever and make adjustments or add new worlds?

2) Do you believe evil forces are controlling the astral/reincarnation?

3) Is one religion "right" or "wrong"? Wiccans seem pretty nice, but some Christians I've met wanted to convert me from my Wiccan phase.

4) What conspiracy theories do you consider "safe" to believe in?

5) Heaven, Hell, or something else?

Side note: I asked the Seelie Court to help my family get my insurance accepted fully. I've read Katharine Briggs' An Encyclopedia of Fairies and it finally dawned on me. What if in 20 years, they come back if I have a child and they're all like "GIVE US THE CHILD!" 

Or if the conspiracy theories are right, they are aliens whose home planets' plants were so GMOed that they have no nutritional value, so they needed human food. But then iron, etc. etc... Would they even have survived until today? Or do they stay underground in the fairy mounds of Ireland? 

Also, in the event I go back to Wicca, please don't be mad if I come back to you with questions.

Anything else you want to add in, go ahead.

Please note: I'm not trying to bash any religion. I just don't want evil aliens controlling the afterlife, and I really want my own planet(s) to mingle with. "HELLO MORTALS!" - snaps fingers and becomes something very funny-looking which I have no blueprint for..-" .-. 

*Links added by Ask A Witch team for clarity.*

Dear Faith,

Wow, Faith, honey, you really need to stop researching on the Internet... obviously nothing good is coming from all your studies.

1)  Reincarnation is usually human > human, although some believe that it can also human > bug > horse > tiger, etc.

And no, you would not be able to create your own world/universe.

2) No, I do not believe evil forces are controlling the astral world or reincarnation.

3) No, there is no one true/right religion.

4) I really don't look into conspiracy theories because I've got too many other things going on in my life.  ;-)

5) Witches believe in Summerland, a place where the soul rests until it is ready to be reincarnated.

Although I believe your first born child will be yours, you might have wanted to research the Seelie Court a little more before asking them for a favor.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brandy from Connelly Springs, NC

Hi, I just recently did an earth faerie spell and these back pains are killing me. Is there anything that could reduce/stop these back pains without affecting my spell?


Dear Brandy,

You can try using smoky quartz in a healing session with yourself.  Buy at least four, but no more than ten, pieces.  You'll want to charge the smoky quartz with your intention of healing your back pains.  Do this by holding the stones in the palms of your hands and visualizing (seeing/sensing/knowing) your back pain leaving your body.

Lay yourself down on a green (healing the physical body) beach towel, light some lavender incense (for healing), and lay the smoky quartz around you.  If you have four pieces, lay one at your feet, one by your head, and one by each hip.  If you have ten pieces, place one by your head, left shoulder, left hip, left knee, left ankle, at your feet, right ankle, right knee, right hip, and right shoulder.  Play some soft music in the background, a song that is five to ten minutes long.  While you are laying down on the towel, focus on your breathing.  Inhale healing energy and exhale pain and discomfort.

Let me know how you are doing!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Drew from Los Angeles, CA

Hello! I was wondering if you had any ritual ideas or ways to honor the goddess Isis? Any particular colors, flowers, offerings, or stones? Thank you!


Dear Drew,

There is a fantastic book called Circle of Isis by Ellen Cannon which I highly recommend. 

Colors: Turquoise, green, blue, and white
Flowers: Lotus, lily, white roses
Offerings: Fresh fruit and flowers
Stones: Lapis lazuli, turquoise, and moonstone

Isis, also known as Aset, is a wonderful Goddess, and I hope you find the peace and fulfillment She brought to me!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kevin from Galena, MO

I'm a spiritualist and I've been working several years trying to master the methods taught by Aleister Crowley, mainly the use of primal states of mind to achieve metaphysical results in myself and a small group of like-minded friends. But I find some things he did are "not for everyone," so I've resolved myself to use hypnosis to achieve the required states of consciousness. While I find it easy to do basic things, like a feeling of well-being and such, I cannot for the life of me produce orgasms, fear, euphoria, or anything strong like that with hypnosis. Do you have any idea of how to do this or suggested reading I could learn from? I know he was a hypnotist, but it's near impossible to find a resource for magical hypnosis. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Kevin,

You might want to look into Tantra, which combines meditation and controlled/focused breathing techniques to achieve alternate states of mind.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Adam from Zushi, Japan

Hello everyone. I was about to do a prosperity spell. I stopped myself because I realized the moon was currently waning. This got me thinking about other possible factors that might create some type of interference with the energies that I put out into the universe. Today there was a massive cyber attack on a Dutch website that was supposed to have far-reaching effects across the entire web. Even though the Internet is a technology-based system, it does generate a lot of energy and is constantly active across our planet. What are your feelings regarding its possible effect on spell work? Should we consider the state of the Internet in our vicinity? Also, do you have any idea of a cycle we should follow when casting spells? For example, should we avoid certain spells when there is likely to be heavier Internet traffic like after work hours before the majority of people go to bed? Thank you for all you do in helping us. I really appreciate it!


Dear Adam,

Nice question!  I don't believe the number of users on the Internet at the time of spell casting matters.  HOWEVER, I do believe the amount of electronics we have plugged in and on in the area of spell casting can affect the energy.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Michelle from El Paso, TX

I was wondering if there is an easy spell to break two people up? I don't have much money for materials either. I know these spells can be dangerous, but I know in my heart it's the right thing to do.


Dear Michelle,

Sorry hon, but I won't help you break up a couple.  Those spells are dangerous and would have a karmic backlash attached.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Evelyn from Victorville, CA

I wanted to know if there is a spell for weight loss I can use. I have been on a diet for 2 years now and all I've lost was 15 pounds. I still need to lose at least 50-60 more, but no matter how much exercise I do, I remain the same at the weight of 225 pounds. I am on a strict diet as well. I was even considering having surgery done and doing anything to get the money for a surgery. I'm afraid of that, but I'm desperate to lose weight. I want to feel better about myself because I hate what I see in the mirror and I know it's all my fault. But I'm putting in effort to help myself and nothing is changing no matter what I do. I thought there could be a spell out there that could give me that extra push before I end up getting a surgery I might regret. Can you please give me a spell and tell me the steps if it's not too much trouble, please?


Dear Evelyn,

First of all, if you really are exercising weekly and watching what you eat, then you might want to see a doctor because your weight gain (or lack of weight loss) could suggest a medical problem or an hormonal imbalance.

Here is a binding spell you could try to help control your eating habits.

Also, citrine is a fantastic stone to help with weight loss and red jasper is great for helping to break bad habits. Red clover is a wonderful herb to help suppress the appetite. Combine these three items in an orange or black bag. Charge the bag with your intention and carry it with you at all times.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alexandra from London, UK

Hi again. You may remember me! I'm now practicing the way you told me about with the circle and I wanted to say thanks. I wanted to ask if witches are as you see in the movies, like flying with a broom and stuff? Also, do fantasy spells really work, such as turning into a vampire? Thanks. 


Dear Alexandra,

No, no, and no. Unfortunately movie magick just isn't real, but it would be cool if it did!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Nicola from Tamworth, UK

I've always felt out of place around people. I tend to give too much of myself to them (positive energy), which leaves me tired and extremely sad while they always feel great and have lots of positive things happen to them. How do I control it?


Dear Nicola,

It sounds like you are either an empath or are surrounded by psychic vampires.  Read the answer from Nicholl from Woodbridge about empathy.  I hope this helps!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Steinunn from Huntsville, AL

Is there a spell or spiritual prayer that I can say to help both of my daughters to find true love? I have only found spells to enhance my life personally. How can I focus the positive energy on them? Thank you for your help. 


Dear Steinunn,

You seem like a wonderful mother trying to look out for her babies, which is a wonderful change from some of the questions I get around here!

I'm sure you have pictures all around your home of your daughters, so each day stand in front of one of those pictures and think happy thoughts about them. Bring up positive memories, memories which help you to remember all of their great qualities. Then pray for them.  It doesn't matter what religion you practice or what spiritual path you walk, what is important is asking the Divine to guide them, to help them make positive choices, and (most importantly) to help them feel loved and not alone.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Jennifer from Midlothian, UK

I am looking for someone to cast a spell in the Richmond area. Can you help me? Thanks.


Dear Jennifer,

Nope.  Y'all know how I feel about having other people cast a spell for you!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Amy from Canandaigua, NY

This is a comment about the blue indigo troll postThis is very interesting - thanks for sharing. 

I saw a demon in my kitchen years ago and sometimes the walls crack in response to my thoughts and ideas. I am glad you can verify this realm. One question: how can we be sure they are real and not a creation of the government through HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) which can beam radio waves to our brains and create illusions? 

How do I join the team?


Dear Amy,

Oh, yo! I am not verifying your level of crazy. I never said demons were real. I merely suggested that the faerie realm, which is a spiritual realm, existed. Now honey, if you're cracking walls and ceilings with your thoughts, you better not have any people living in that house, because you're dangerous.

The government can't even balance their own budget. What makes you think they can beam waves into your brain? Trust me, the government doesn't want its people crazy. 

As for joining our team, we appreciate the offer, but no. The Ask A Witch blog is a family thing that we do together here at 13 Magickal Moons.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Warning: Venus Retrograde Begins Today

What do you need to know to survive the next six weeks while Venus is in retrograde? Here is what what John, our resident astrologer, has to say about it. For more of his astrology and tarot posts, be sure to check out John's Metaphysical Meanderings blog.


You know the drill by now, folks. But just in case, here's a reminder of just how vital Venus is. 

OK, so let's start off with some background. Venus is a planet that is extremely important astrologically, although many of us don't really pay much attention to it unless it's Valentine's Day. Here are some of the things Venus rules:

  • Love and attraction 
  • Beauty in form 
  • Refinement of artistic tastes 
  • Our romantic, poetic, and artistic selves

Taurus and Libra folks, this is your ruling planet, the lovely and charming Venus. Some of you may also know her as the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Most people think about love and attraction only when it comes to romance. I'm here to tell you that Venus also has a financial role. Why? Because if we are in business for ourselves, for example--like yours truly--our ability to make money and succeed depends on our ability to attract and retain clients. So Venus has an often overlooked role in our financial success. Also, if you're looking for work, Venus is an important planet for you to attract the attention of the right employer. Problems with Venus in your birth chart and indicate both love and money difficulties.

So I hope I've been able to convince you that this lady is nothing to be trifled with. Venus goes into retrograde once every eighteen months, and before you open your mouth to complain, it's the LEAST amount of retrograde time of any of the planets in the solar system. You gotta cut the girl some slack; she's busy and needs a break!

Anyway, when this planet starts to move "backward" in the sky, the focused is on unfinished business in our emotional and financial relationships. Here are some things to know about what you might experience, in both love and money.

Love and social affairs--Overall, relationships tend to slow down. This is not a good time to:

  • Get married
  • Go on first dates
  • Have big parties
  • Change your hairstyle
  • Wear flamboyant clothing
  • Buy a new wardrobe
  • Re-decorate your home or business

Business--You may experience:

  • Legal issues
  • Problems with diplomacy or negotiations
  • Enter into a new partnership or significant business relationship

Relationships that are already having difficulty may feel additional pressure. Venus retrograde often forces us to face feelings that we have ignored in the past, and re-evaluate those friendships and romantic partnerships as these emotions re-surface.

Since Venus is retrograde in Gemini, the focus will really be on words and understanding how people are communicating with you. Words really can hurt, especially those closest to us, so in this position, be extremely careful as you talk to your loved ones and make sure that you mean what you say and say what you mean.

Venus starts officially in retrograde today. It goes through the rest of May and almost all the way through June; it will be over by June 27, but the effects could be felt through the end of July.

Good luck weathering the storm, folks. Drop me a line if you have any Venus retrograde stories I can share! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meredith from Lancaster, PA

Hi. :) Ok so, there is definately something uninviting in my home and I hear all kinds of things about how to protect yourself. What is the most effective, most used object or act that can help me protect me and my house? I hear about wearing things like iron pendents and cleansing with sage or lavender, but I fear these are just stereotypical things that people get from useless books and from watching movies and such.


Dear Meredith,

Cleansing with sage via a smudge stick is usually the first thing I recommend to people.  Start in the lower part of the home and work your way, room by room, to the upper level. Don't forget the attic if you have one!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Richard from Florida

Is there ritual to do on a really skinny 7-year-old child to fatten him up a little? If so, how is it done, and where can I go to get one done? Thanks.


Dear Richard,

I'm going to say no, there is not. Some children are just lanky/slender/super skinny by nature. He'll start to fill out in his own time.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Patience from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

I have been thinking about doing a love spell. I know it is wrong, but I love this guy and I strongly believe he has feelings for me too. I was wondering if there is a spell to give him the confidence to ask me out.


Dear Patience,

Not that you could perform for him. Why not give him a gift of citrine or carnelian? Both are confidence-building gemstones.


Friday, May 10, 2013

David from Woodbridge, VA

I had a dream a couple weeks back and it has been bothering me. I've tried finding the answer on the web, but none feel right. I was hoping that you might be able to at least let me know if I have something to be worried about or what it could mean. I was in a dark room - it was a dark purple in color - I was standing in front of a black mirror. In my head something was telling me if I broke the mirror that they would give me everything I wanted and make life easier. I stood there thinking about it then decided no. At that point I started to wake up when I felt a powerful force on my back trying to push itself into my body. It was going to force me to break the black mirror. I could feel the force, pressure, and weight on me. When I turned my head to yell for my wife, I could hardly scream.


Dear David,

Yes, you have something to be concerned about. Do you perform any protective measures on yourself daily? Do you have protective measures surrounding your home? If not, why not? For instructions on creating a protective barrier please read this post.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Angela from Adelaide, Australia

I got sent six envelopes with two colored feathers in each and wanted to ask what would the meaning be please. It was either my pedophile father trying to marry me, as the sicko abused me my whole childhood and has been after me all through my adulthood; or my sister, who has mental problems also from the abuse. She tries to kill me because we are twins and she is trying to do what she calls her ultimate scam with getting life insurance by trying to kill me and make out she is me. Either way, I want nothing to do with either. I wondered if it was some sick fantasy from my father or if my sister is trying spells on me as she likes to do to hurt me because she says there should have been only one of us and says it should've been her so has given me lists of pain in the past. 

I do not like having either in my life and try to stay clear of both. 

The envelopes were all together and addressed to me at my daughter's home since they do not know where I live. 

I was just wondering what the meaning may be. I kinda feel I may have to watch out, but this has made my mental disorder play up a bit. I do not want these bully spirit things beating me up again as they did for many years; I thought they were real, but I know it is in my brain. It has been ok for years, until lately it started again for a week. 

I would like to relax about the nasty ones and free myself of them. I do not like that either is thinking of me again. 


Dear Angela,

I am so sorry for the pain and trauma you suffered at the hands of your father and twin sister.  It breaks my heart and angers my soul to know such people exist

I would use a binding spell to prevent any further communications from them.  Use a slightly modified version of the one I suggested to Carol from Stafford.

As for the envelopes and feathers... burn them, trash them, just get rid of them! 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rachel from Tulsa, OK

I think my ex-girlfriend put a spell on me. She told me she tried it. I was supposed to be obsessed with her. I think it worked because at first I didn't really like her. Then all of a sudden, we had sex, and my emotions went up so high for her so fast. We are broken up now, and all I can do is dream about her. I see her full name everywhere, on TV, Facebook, outside in public. I can never sleep until 9 in the morning, thinking. That's all I can do is think. I try to stop and listen to the fan, then all of a sudden when I don't even notice, I'm thinking about her again. And strange things have been happening; I saw a car full on fire. I think this spell is dangerous. I honestly think about killing myself from thinking so much about her. I don't feel like myself at all, I feel tense and stuck. I've felt like this for so long. Is there a way to protect or put a reverse spell on it? I need some help please.


Dear Rachel,

Your ex-girlfriend sounds like a piece of sh*t and I sincerely hope karma kicks her ass!

Try using this banishing spell to get rid of whatever she may have done.  All the materials required should be fairly easy to gather and cost very little.  I can't help but feel like you're right and that her spell is dangerous... so do the banishing ASAP.  

Please send me a message to let me know how you're doing.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Winterose from Branford, FL

I work at a hospice care center.  I have seen a lot of deaths. Some were a happy passing with love and joy. But I have seen those going out fighting and kicking, and now I feel those who were not ready and/or mad and not right with their gods and goddesses are still there and may be doing wrong to the people working there,  like being mad at each other. Those who are not able to fight off the bad spirits are becoming bad as well. What can I do to help the sprits move on or help this place out without a full blown spell there at the center, as they (my coworkers) don't know I am a witch. Help me please. My coworkers are nice people for the most part. Thank you and blessed be.


Dear Winterose,

If you can't use a sage bundle in your workplace, I would recommend using an infusion made from sage leaves and lavender. Strain it, put it into a spray bottle, add essential oils, and nonchalantly spray down the offices. You work in a hospice. People die in a hospice. They go to the hospice knowing they're going to die. You don't need to help them move on. You just have to allow them time to get comfortable with being dead.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Anna from Philadelphia, PA

I am trying to undo a spell that someone put on me...any suggestions? Thanks in advance...


Dear Anna,

Do you have the spell that they used? That'll make answering this question a whole lot easier.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lisa from Albany, NY

I'm a young witch and my witch mother died when I was very young. No one else knows and I scare myself sometimes. What do I do?


Dear Lisa,

Honey, what are you doing that you're scaring yourself? We have a new page for beginners. Please read it, and if you have any more questions, I look forward to answering them.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Mannasha from Mobile, AL

I've had an interest in witchcraft since I was a child. I've been reading books, creating a Book of Shadows, acquiring magickal tools and such for twenty years or so, but I haven't really done rituals, spells, or anything like that. The thing is, I have met people who assume I am a witch, ask me how long I've been practicing, saying they recognize their own kind. Two people I met were talking saying "so much power for someone so young and untrained." I found out later they were talking about me. I also met a guy who I had met before try to buy me a drink and hang out, but he told the bartender he wanted my power. I left after that, but I don't know what he meant. What is this power that I supposedly have? How come I don't know about it? How can I learn to know what this is? A friend a long time ago told me I was binded as a child and that I was a witch in a past life, but not a good one, and was paying for it in this life. I don't get it. If I have power, what is it for and will I ever recognize it? Also, can people steal power from me like that guy wanted to do? Please help.


Dear Mannasha,

This is not Beautiful Creatures or The Covenant. There is no ascention of power, no first, second, or third hands of power, and no fireballs shooting out of any orifice or palm. I'm sure it's really exciting to think you have some hidden power that is coveted by many, but you don't. Because this is reality. In reality, cool shit like that just doesn't happen.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Michelle from Fairfax, VA

I bought your Cerri-a-Witch today and followed the instructions. Should there be a repeat of this, such as, once a month? Do I need to get another, say every few months or so? This is my very beginning.


Dear Michelle,

One Cerri-a-Witch should last you an entire year. It just needs to be "refreshed" every now and then. 
I like to recharge my Cerri-a-Witch once a month some time during the new to full moon.