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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kevin from Branson, MO

I had a dream that this crazy old man gave me some dried apple looking things to make me a better musician. He said one would help my cousin, but both would help me. It was crazy vivid. Is there any legend like that? I can give you more details if you need, but I just woke up in a cold sweat. It's probably nothing, but I've learned to trust my dreams.

Dear Kevin,

Apples are commonly known as the fruit of wisdom and knowledge. I don't know of any legends connecting it to music though, so you got me there.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lysa from Paw Paw, IL

I’m new to the witchery craft and my question is: are unicorns actually real? 

I recently joined a local coven and they have me in a training program for the first year. For the first step, they had me join a skyclad small group. It was a little awkward at first, being that it was just nine women, but after a few weeks now I’m pretty comfortable. But anyways, unicorns! So a couple rituals ago, the other ladies formed a circle around me by holding hands and chanting. Meanwhile, the leader and I were in the middle. She had a dildo made out of unicorn horn, so she said, and had me use it while she held on to it. She said the circle would direct energy to her where she would control and channel it through the horn, hence why it had to be from a unicorn and not just some inorganic material. Like I said, I’m relatively new and therefore skeptical of this practice because, while it was nothing short of magical, it didn’t feel very magickal. I’d like to know if there’s any validity to this practice and could it have actually been made out of a real unicorn horn?! Even if it’s not magick, I think I’ll stick around a little while just for the magic, if you know what I mean?!


Dear Lysa,

Honey, unicorns aren't real. I have a serious problem with what the High Priestess of your group did. Although you were obviously a consenting adult, the abuse of power that the leader of your coven wielded was nothing short of disgusting. I would very much like for you to write back to me when karma slaps that sick bitch down. Please have nothing to do with this coven any more. Sex can be an amazing way to raise energy, however, in a coven setting, it should only be performed with the members that have been there the longest as opposed to the newest members.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Matthew from Raymond, CA

Is it okay for a man to sign up for and follow your blog? 

I'm sorry. I've already asked a question, only it wasn't what I really wanted to ask. My real question was: after witnessing myself decimate my world to ash, is it possible to, "through witchcraft," open channels to others who might be able to help me understand how and why I've created this reality for myself? And if so, what risks are associated with using witchcraft to fight to make it right again? Or, humbly, have I just made an ass of myself?


Dear Matthew,

Absolutely men are welcome to sign up and follow the blog!

Humbly, yes, you have just made an ass of yourself. The great thing about being the phoenix is the beautiful rebirth out of the fuckery of your life.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crayon from Cerritos, CA

So I was looking at sites for spells and I just couldn't find any that worked. Do you know of any to make and stop the rain, push and pull objects, and make fire?


Dear Crayon,

It's called Netflix. Stuff like that only happens in the movies.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Jonathan from Woodbridge, VA

Is there a way I can summon Lilith?


Dear Jonathan,

Why would you want to summon Lilith? FYI: we don't "summon" powerful deities. We ask them to join us nicely and with respect.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gabriel from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi, I'd like to know if there is a spell to go back in time. In researching it, I only found people saying that we should learn from our mistakes, but it's not like I was planning to just do it without reflecting about it. Besides, my situation is more complicated than that. It's not just about mistakes that I made. I need to go back to two years ago, though going back only a few months ago would already help me a lot. If such a thing is possible, I'd like to ask you to indicate to me books about time magick, too. Thank you.


Dear Gabriel,

Sorry, honey, but it's not possible to go back in time. If it were, time would never move forward because we'd all be too busy going back.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sun Fox from Valley Springs, CA

I keep seeing seven-legged spiders around my house. The first instance was a seven-legged daddy long legs on a web near the couch in my garage and a seven-legged wolf spider running away from it. The next night, it was a seven-legged black widow. All types of these spiders are very common for where I live, especially the black widows. A day passed and I didn't see any more. Today a crow (uncommon for where I live) cawed once as I was letting my four dogs out, and they began to howl. I took a shower today, and there was a different seven-legged daddy long legs in my shower. What does this all mean? I don't believe in coincidence.


Dear Sun Fox,

It means you need to call an exterminator! It is commonly believed that you're never more than eight feet away from a spider. The fact that you have mutated seven-legged spiders as opposed to the traditional eight-legged means you have some whacky shit happening in your place! Call your local bug man and have him come take care of it.

It could be that the spider is your new totem. Spiders can help us see through illusions, communicate our thoughts and feelings, and help us tap into our creative side.

Crows and ravens generally represent a message coming your way. Keep your eyes and ears open.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jason from Tampa, FL

Hello, I believe I am the subject of some sort of curse. I would very much appreciate the input of a witch, as I know nothing about magic. My mother passed away in 2010 unexpectedly, and for seemingly no reason. My cousin passed away in an accident in 2011. In 2012, my cousin's father (my uncle) lost his battle with cancer and passed away. In 2013, my girlfriend of over six years and I broke up. I just cannot seem to save a penny. I feel lazy, depressed, and sometimes have trouble with anger. I have recently had a rash of accidents and misfortune and believe the streak of bad luck is picking up again. Sources online seem to suggest this is a curse. What do you think? If so, what can be done to stop it? Thank very, very much for your reply and advice.


Dear Jason,

It's sad to say that people die. The whole reason we are born is to one day die. Without death, life can't be. My heart hurts for your losses, but these don't sound or feel like a curse to me. As for the rest of it, I would suggest you go see your primary care doctor and see if there's a chance you are clinically depressed.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Ann from Baltimore, MD

How can I stop a witch from casting on me? The witch is my daughter, however she is not the one casting on me - she can't because we are blood - but she has others to cast on me. I need help that would prevent others from casting. Thanks.


Dear Ann,

Your daughter can cast on you. Blood doesn't matter. The more important question would be why would she want to? Just because your daughter is a witch doesn't make her evil and doesn't mean she's doing bad things. 

As for protection against "witches," it is commonly believed that wearing jewelry that looks like an eye can protect against magick and curses. 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lori from Bolivar, OH

Help. My father is almost 90 with a heart condition and received an envelope in the mail with two index cards in it. One had a hand-drawn picture of a pentagram, and the other is a Horned God symbol. I identified the symbols from the internet. My dad is very upset about this and does not know the person who sent it, who lives in California while we are in Ohio. Could you tell me if this means anything in particular so I can maybe reassure my dad that this was not intended to be bad for him? I would appreciate anything you could tell me about these symbols and why someone might send them. Thanks.


Dear Lori,

I hope this message finds you and father doing well.

The pentagram/pentacle is one of our most powerful talismans. The five points on the star represents the harmonious balance of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.  
Earth represents the body (health, wealth, family). Air is the mind (creativity, communication, inspiration). Fire is the spark of Divine and the spark of life (strength, passion, drive). Water is emotion (intuition, feelings, forgiveness). It is through spirit (God/Goddess) that all of the elements are connected together.  The circle around the star represent the full moon (Goddess, magick, intuition), the sun (God, happiness, power), the wheel of the year (the eight holidays witches celebrate), and the cycle of life (birth, life, death, birth).

The symbol of the Horned God is also a powerfully GOOD symbol.  It represents the God (masculine Divine), protection, strength, courage, and life.

I don't know who would send those index cards to you, but I would suggest you take it as a positive sign that the Divine, no matter the name or face you give Him/Her, is with you both.



Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dee from Sterling, VA

Hi, I am asking a question for my daughter. Her soon-to-be ex is very violent and made up lies to put her in a mental institution. She is now trying to get a protection order and sole custody for her and her nine-month-old son. What can we do to win the court case, and what can we do to protect her and the baby? Please, this man is really scary. We need help. We really need to win the court case. Is there anything we can get to win the court case and to have protection? Thank you.


Dear Dee,

Get the book Utterly Wicked by 
Dorothy Morrison. On page 174, you'll find the Guilty as Charged Hex. Also try out the Get Out of My Life Hex on page 139.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Dubie from the Hills, Somewhere, America

I was wondering if it is possible to manipulate the matter of reality with mind/body energy if we were to build it up enough through meditation and physical activity like tai chi or something like that. I only ask because I believe that reality is not real through my own research and we are all just a product of thought. I am not yet a magical being, but I am an enlightened being. Actually, I don't know what I am. And one more question: if I were to come through to shop, what would my chances be for finding a teacher willing to mentor and teach?


Dear Dubie,

No, go back on your meds. This isn't The Matrix, and there is a spoon.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ervin from Zenica, Bosnia

Dear friend, I am in danger from extreme people. I want really black magic powers and I hope that you can help me. Thank you for understanding.


Dear Ervin,

Yeah... no.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lucy from Fallbrook, CA

I'm having relationship problems with my boyfriend. I need to know if there is such a spell or some kind of ritual that I can learn or try on someone. His ex baby mama is making claims that he is also the father of a recently newborn baby boy. They have a four-year-old already, but the thing is she's been on heroin and cocaine and has been to rehab. When he was locked up, she left him or disappeared for about a year, he said. His mother told me she has a history of breaking up his relationships. She stalks him and goes to any extremes. I need to know for certain if this girl is manipulating him or what the truth is behind her.


Dear Lucy,

Honey, you don't need a spell to figure this one out. If she claims that her youngest child is his, then there had to be some intimacies between them. This guy sounds like bad news... Run!!!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Madeline from UK

Hello! I was wondering: I have had a terrible run of bad luck lately. I was dumped by my long-term boyfriend (five years!), I lost my job, I'm suffering a kidney infection, and now literally as I walk out my door, a bird pooped on me. This has all happened in just over two weeks. I feel like I'm cursed! Could you recommend a good spell to clear the negativity from around me and encourage some good luck? I'd be very grateful!


Dear Madeline,

If you've ever read any of my columns you know I'm a big advocate of starting with a sage cleansing. This includes yourself, your house, and your vehicle. The bird pooping on you could represent a message the universe is trying to give you that you refuse to listen to. Do you happen to know what kind of bird it was?


Monday, July 15, 2013

Gordon from Fort Myers, FL

What should I do if I create an altar but have to move and cannot take the altar with me? Is there a way I can somehow "close" the altar and not offend the spirits by leaving an altar to be violated?


Dear Gordon,

I would just take the altar down.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jessamine from Atlanta, GA

My question is about performing an uncrossing. Several months ago, we had a run in with some neighbors over a dog (long, boring story). Anyway, about two weeks later the neighbors were evicted (not due to anything that we did or said). A day or so before they moved, two of my kids found a large, resin, pentagram ornament laid neatly on our front steps. It looked like some silly thing from a novelty shop, so we laughed it off and decided that the neighbors had placed it there to scare my conservative homeschool family. My husband threw the thing back into their front yard, and that was the end of it. About a week after the pentagram incident, odd things started. A huge blood-colored stain showed up on my bedroom carpet. I bleached it, and it went away completely, only to show back up ten times darker a few days later. In three months, we have had to replace a dishwasher, washer, dryer and refrigerator. The dishwasher and refrigerator both leaked and flooded my kitchen. A letter from the IRS showed up saying that there was a mistake on our taxes from several years back and we owe $10K. The water heater cracked and leaked through three floors. The upstairs toilet broke and leaked through the living room ceiling. Then this past weekend, our septic system backed up and flooded the entire basement with sewage. I know this is more than just bad luck. Along with all the "events" there is also something, like a presence, in the house. I know I sound nuts, but it's like a shadow that I can occasionally catch out of the corner of my eye. My husband says I'm being superstitious and silly, but my four year old has repeatedly made mention of "the scary thing" without having anyone breathe a word about it to her. I've prayed, I've burned sage, and I've chalked my doorways. I've done everything I know how to, but I've never had any experience with anything like this. I don't know what I should try next. I thought maybe an uncrossing, but I've never performed one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Jessamine,

Damn, girl! That is definitely more than a run of bad luck. That sounds like a good old-fashioned curse or a negative entity squatting in your house. Please read how to banish an entity in my answer to Brittney from Las Vegas. Let's start with this before trying the uncrossing, because if anything, we need to get "the scary thing" away from your four year old. If you don't see a difference almost immediately after performing the ritual, please contact me ASAP.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Bill from Perth, Australia

I lent a girlfriend money to help her children in a court battle and her eldest son buy a car. He had served in prison, and I helped when no one else would. I gave her $12,500, and her son $6,500, all in help. Her uses for this were eyesight therapy, a wedding, her children's school, and her eldest son's car. Now, upon asking it to be returned, I have been threatened and worry that they might actually cause damage or even maybe harm me, but I am not 100% sure. I would like to know if there is something I could do or a spell I could use - not to hurt or damage, but to either make them pay it back or see that their own money problems heighten due to their lack of honesty. Is this wrong of me to ask, and obviously I am right in asking. This is an urgent matter, as tonight I was threatened by an affiliate of them. I am concerned more so of this, as they are in a biker group that has a bad reputation.


Dear Bill,

Read my advice to Carol from Stafford for ways to protect yourself. As for getting your money back, that's a tricky situation. Was it a loan or did you help your girlfriend out of some tricky situations? If you were helping her out, she's not obligated to pay that money back. I recommend buying Dorothy Morrison's Utterly Wicked book and check out page 142.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

A. from Aurora

My boyfriend is abused by his parents (we are underage). The physical abuse isn't extremely prevalent anymore, but the emotional and controlling aspects are. He has tried going through our school, etc, to get help but nothing has worked, so I was wondering if you knew of a good spell to help calm them. I've done excessive research and can't find anything. Please. My empathy makes it so hard to see him going through this, I can't sit around and do nothing while the one I love is hurt so badly. Please?


Dear A.,

My first question has to be has anybody contacted Child Protective Services? If the school counsellors won't listen, then go to the school principal. Since there is physical abuse, I'm not comfortable just recommending a spell to help "calm them" down. I would recommend calling on Isis and Osiris (mother and father to Horus) to protect him against his parents. Choose two candles - even tea lights will work, and color and scent doesn't matter. As you light each candle, one for Isis and one for Osiris, say a prayer for your boyfriend and tell the deities what you would like for them to do.  

As for your empathy, wear bloodstone when you're around him. This way you're not taking on his emotions and will allow you to be a better friend/girlfriend.

I'll light a candle on my personal altar for you as well. I ask anyone reading this, please light a candle on their behalf, or more importantly, on behalf of all the children out there who are in abusive situations. I'll keep you in my thoughts.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shayla from Alabama

I have an ex who is obsessive, and according to mutual friends, he is scrying for me and a friend . . . ? Is there any way to protect myself from this?


Dear Shayla,

Hell, yes, there is a way to protect yourself from your ex!  Please read my advice to Carol from Stafford and let me know you are doing okay!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Lost Chylde form Woodbridge, VA

I seem to be going through a major upheaval of some kind right now. About three months ago, several pieces of my sacred jewelry seemed to lose their significance, and I could no longer feel the presence of one of my patron goddesses in my life. (As my pentacle was her symbol, it's not surprising to me that the two events occurred in conjunction.) A few weeks after that, another piece of my sacred jewelry and two household guardian statues broke within several days of each other. In the past week or so, I've felt the presence of two new deities, the absence of ALL my other patrons, and a powerful desire to throw out most or all of my ritual tools and books and start fresh. I've had tools or jewels or patrons move on before, but never such a complete wipe of the slate. My spiritual life feels like an Etch-A-Sketch someone just shook. What could be behind such a total... well, identity change? And do you have any advice on how I should deal with it?


Dear Lost Chylde,

I'm not sure which two deities will be entering your life now, but they sure are going to direct you down a new path. Try not to resist the changes too much, as they will most likely happen no matter what you do.

I also suggest you take some time to redo your home altar and spend some time in front of it meditating. 

Let me know which deities came to you. I'm pretty curious!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Heidi from the UK

Please, can someone tell me the meaning of a three-crow visit? Thank you.


Dear Heidi,

Crows are actually a very powerful spirit totem and generally represent personal transformation, flexibility, adaptability, and a higher spiritual perspective.  Keep an eye out for more crows AND what you are doing/thinking when they appear.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nephwitch from Fort Collins, CO

I've recently found some books with spells from my father's past. Apparently he dabbled in witchcraft. I've always known deep down though. My question is I am interested in learning more spells, but before I delve deeper I wanted to know if it is possible to be a non-pagan non-Wiccan witch. I've heard of the term eclectic witch, but then I've heard all witches were pagan. I find that hard to believe, and it confused me. Can I still practice my spells and maintain my free belief? I'm not even sure what religion I am in the first place, but I believe in a higher power. A little help would be appreciated as I would like to continue learning more spells and magic.


Dear Nephwitch,

You don't have to be Wiccan to be a witch, nor do you have to call yourself a witch at all.  Being "eclectic" simply means that you don't follow any single tradition, but merely create your own individual path.

So, in answer to your question, yes... you can practice all the spells you want and maintain your free beliefs.

Good luck!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Star from Europe

Hey, I am an artist. My bag with colors, linseed oils, and brushes disappeared. Nothing in my studio was touched, just the bag. Then this morning when I woke up, someone contacted me to tell me to be careful because he dreamt that I was attacked by a black dog and I lost my sight. Am I under a curse? Is there some kind of demon attacking me or a betraying friend? Please help.


Dear Star,

I can't really answer if you are under a curse, but things do seem a bit odd. The "person" who contacted you, was he/she a close friend of yours or someone you barely know?

You should really think about putting up some protective measures around your home. Carry bloodstone and black tourmaline on your body to help protect against negative energy. I would also suggest you cleanse your entire home using white sage or chimes.  Start in the lowest level of your home and move through every room. Don't forget the attic if you have one.  You can also place black salt along every entrance into the home (windows, doors, and garages) and place a piece of black tourmaline on every windowsill.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Anonymous from VA


I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to handle a situation. Within the past eight months, we received a new manager in the store where I work. She is horrible. When she is mad at us, we receive horrible time cuts. She is constantly writing us (employees) up for things that we cannot - nor is our duty to - control. For example, we have to type in coupons manually, and it counts in a way to damage her score overall, but her version is actually not legal and has been looked into. She writes us up when we have too many.

There is so much more, refusing to let sick (throwing up, fever, etc. in a FOOD workplace) go home or guilt trips us into staying because "she never has this problem" or "works through it without whining." She refuses to give us our breaks (because she does not believe in ten minute breaks). When someone is injured (muscle pull, etc. that is legally something she has to document), she does not care and tells us we are whiny. We cannot document her actions and thus be able to legally handle it. 

I want this woman gone. I am sick of putting up with her @#$@. I know better than to send a curse or hex, but this is the worst place I have ever worked, and I am taking a horrible physical and emotional beating from it to the point of panic attacks. The problem also being, I cannot prove anything is from there.

She also gossips constantly, and I have an "invisible disease," a legitimate, medical disease, that is visually not able to be seen (severe nausea, weakened immune system, etc.). She has confided in another and been told to me that she does not believe that I am sick because I am too young.

What in the world can I do about this? HR, OSHA, and other areas cannot do anything without evidence. I'm not going to try to find it, but this job is literally killing me. I'm not sure a binding spell would be enough as it is not just me she is bothering and causing problems for.

The other thing is I have desperately been searching for a new job for about a year now. Instead of a prosperity spell, is there something that can aid me in finding a job I want/need and obtain it (of course involving the actual searching, resumes, and interviews that go with that)?

Thank you so much!


Dear Anonymous,

Actually a binding spell might just be the thing you need to do.  Read the response I gave to Courtney from Kingston, NH for suggestions/instructions on binding her sorry ass.

It definitely sounds like you need a new job.  Use a red (determination), green (job), or gold (money) candle. Carve into the side of the candle your salary requirement (be realistic), preferable hours, and the city you would like to work in. If there is a specific company you would like to work with, include the name as well. Annoint the candle with olive oil from wick to end, stroking towards your body. Put the candle in a candle holder on top of your updated resume, then sprinkle with dried basil.  Once the candle has burned out, fold your resume four times, place it in a little baggie, and carry it in your purse.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pooja from Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir

Hey, I really want to learn witchcraft. Can you please help me out because I don't know where to start and what to do. And please tell me if fairies exist. Well, my heart says yes, but my brain doesn't accept it. I'm very confused. Can you please help me and please tell me any method to meet them.


Dear Pooja,

Please visit our Advice for New Witches for more information on learning about Witchcraft.  

Yes, fairies are real, but probably not in the way you think they are.  Fairies are a part of the Faerie Realm, which is a spiritual plane of existence.  There is a great book by Ted Andrews called Enchantment of the Faerie Realm: Communicate with Nature Spirits and Elementals.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seena from Sudbury, Canada

When the weather changes, my stomach gets really upset. Example: when it rains outside, I vomit, and the rest of the day I feel crumy. I heard that some witches are affected by the weather. For myself, this has being going on for more than six years. I've been practicing witchcraft for ten years. Please let me know. I tried finding some information on my own for a while. I have come up empty handed. Thank you very much. Blessed be.


Dear Seena,

It could be that your body is very sensitive to the atmosphere changes which happen when the weather changes. Keep an eye on the weather and keep your purse filled with snacky foods to help calm your stomach. 


Monday, July 1, 2013

Rick from Milwaukee, WI

I was hoping you can help me. I can't stop thinking about Sue. I had sex with her once and for some reason all I do is think about her and desire her. I don't talk to her or see her anymore. I need your help.


Dear Rick,

Why don't you see her any more?  Have you tried dating/sleeping with someone new?