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Friday, September 6, 2013

Kristine from Paranaque, Philippines

Hi! Is there a spell that cleanses dark energies which stop me from doing what I want or having obstacles or barriers for doing what I want in life and it works? If yes, can you include how can I cast this spell? How many days will this spell take effect?

Is there a beauty spell and a love spell to make my crush love me, it works, is easy to cast, and is perfect for beginners? If yes, can you tell me how I can cast this spell and what is the best time to cast this spell?

Is there a spell to make you rich which works and is perfect for beginners? If yes, how can I perform this spell? Thanks.


Dear Kristine,

Use a white sage bundle to cleanse dark energies from yourself and your environment.  Simply light the end of the tip of the sage bundle, let the flame burn for about 15 to 20 seconds, and blow the flame out.  The red embers will create a thick smoke which breaks apart and cleanses away negativity.

Spells can be very easy to perform and most of them are easy enough for beginners to cast, but they are only as successful as the amount of work you are willing to do in your everyday life.  There are NO spells to make you thinner, prettier, richer, etc. Those are things you have to work on without the aid of magick.  Magick isn't a short cut to your goal... it's a simply helps you get there.