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Monday, September 2, 2013

Leslie from Herndon, VA

I had a dream in which I was with a group of people I didn't know, on a tour of some ruins or possibly an archeological dig. We went into an ancient structure and entered a room that had a raised chair, like a throne. It was facing a mural of the sky and mountains and a rising sun. The leader, who I had a strong feeling was NOT a good person, told me to sit on the throne and look at the mural. I didn't want to and tried to resist, but I was compelled to follow his demand. So I sat. And when I rested my arms on the arm-rests on the sides of the throne, the mural came to life and the sun appeared to rise. Then I began speaking, but I couldn't hear or understand what I was saying. The man kept asking me questions that I automatically answered, although I tried not to because I had the feeling that he would use the information I was giving him for a bad purpose. But I either couldn't hear what I was saying or I couldn't understand it, and now I can't remember it anyway. I actually had this dream YEARS ago, but it is still haunting me. Please give me some guidance as to what it means and what, if anything, I can do if it created any bad karma. Thanks!!!


Dear Leslie,

The dream sounds like someone was taking away your personal power by forcing you to do things you were morally against.  In real life, this could have been an abusive (most likely verbal/mental) relationship.  This person most likely gave you back-handed compliments ("those jeans make you look less fat than normal"), insulted you outright ("you're so stupid"), or made you feel as if you couldn't do anything right ("you're doing it wrong; let me do it").  This could be any kind of relationship, such as a lover, friend, or family member.

I hope you are no longer around this person.