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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Erik from Butler, PA

Hello, I talked to a psychic recently and she said I have a great spiritual gift. Well, I've always felt like I am different but never able to understand how. I often have dreams that will at some later time frame come true with all the same detail. Also, with people I'm very close to emotionally, I have moments when I can feel what they're feeling and even tasting what they're eating without knowing what any of it is. I can feel energies around me at times and feel very in tuned with the earth. So my question is do you think I'm possibly a natural witch or something else? Thank you in advance!


Dear Erik,

I don't believe in "natural" witches simply because I don't believe in unnatural witches.

Having said that, you do seem to have some psychic, precognitive,  and empathic abilities. Most people are born with these gifts (to varying degrees), but usually lose them during their pre-teen or teenage years.