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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jacob from Columbus, OH

So I am 14-year-old male and have never done witchcraft. I have a very attractive stepmom in her 40's, and I really want to have sex with her and make her walk around naked for me on days that her and I are home alone. My questions are A: Can I do witchcraft if I'm a male? B: What is a spell to make her a nudist when me and her are alone? C: What's a spell for her to first, ask me for sex, and second, let me have sex with her whenever I want? The only time we can have sex is when my dad is working. And also, can I do these spells without any special tools or objects? Can I just do some easy fast spell? What would be the consequences? Thank you in advance.



Shame on you, little boy. That is your FATHER'S WIFE. Women aren't meant to be your sex slaves. There isn't a woman on the planet who is going to do whatever you want her to do, whenever you want her to do it, at the exact moment you want her to do it. The level of disrespect you've shown to your father, your stepmother, and women in general is despicable. Shame, shame, shame on you!