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Friday, October 25, 2013

Jenny from Merseyside, UK

Hi, can you help? I have two family members. One rang to borrow £200 for her daughter to move house, and the daughter asked to borrow a further £200, for a total of £400. When I asked for some back - any small amount - they turned really nasty. I was told in no uncertain terms that I'm not getting it back. It's not that they haven't got any money, they just drink it away on the weekends. Is there any way to get them to pay me back? I heard if you put a spell on them, it will come back to you. This frightens me. I am not a witch, but wish I was.  I have always been interested, so if there is any answer, I would need someone to help. Many blessings.


Dear Jenny,

You're just asking for your money back, so I don't believe there would be a karmic backlash for that. The karmic backlash would come if you did a spell to have them get into an accident or have them fight all the time. If you did something bad to them, that's when karma would come into play.

Even if you're not a witch, YOU should do this spell yourself:
Since two separate people borrowed money from you, use two separate pieces of paper and write the amount owed to you from each person. Under the amount, write "pay me back" on both pieces of paper. Fold each piece of paper three times. Find one of your favorite pictures of yourself and place the folded pieces of paper on both sides of your picture. Use magnets to hold everything together, to attract the money to yourself.