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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nik from New Jersey

I performed a spell as I have done many times. But this time, right as I was finishing, I got horrible pains in my stomach and I was doubled over in pain. Of course when it passed, I finished it, and I decided to seal it with a candle. When I woke at 3am, the candle was burning brightly then suddenly went OUT! This spell was a white spell. I have NEVER had this happen before. I would like your feedback because I felt terrible resistance :(


Dear Nik,

I'm not sure how to answer your question without knowing what spell you were performing.  If you felt resistance, then my guess would be that your spell will not come to fruition. Take a look at what you were doing, the words you used, and the ingredients to see if they could have had anything to do with what went wrong.

The problem could also be non-magickal, as in your stomach was just jacked up at that right/wrong moment.