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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nyght from Woodbridge, VA

I'm an empath, and one who has just figured out that there is a name for it. I was wondering if you could help me.

Can empaths see spirits and communicate with them? Maybe it's a dumb question, but is that normal? I don't always see spirits, but when I do, sometimes they tell me things (and by tell I mean show). I can't really hear their voices, but I can see pictures in my head, kind of like their memories I guess.

Is it possible for empaths to know things before they happen? Once when I was 12, I stayed home from school because my chest felt tight. I didn't think anything of it because I was just getting over a cold. However, the night before, I had a dream that my neighbor was dead. So the day I stayed home with chest tightness, my neighbor died from a heart attack. I tried to convince myself that it was just a coincidence, but somehow I didn't really think it was.

And my last question. This is the really weird one. I've always liked the rain and I've always felt that rainy days are the best days. I remember when I was very little, I stared out of the window on a rainy day. I whispered to the rain, "rain harder" and it did, so I continued to "make" it rain harder or softer. As I got older, I just decided I was crazy and dismissed it. But one day I got really mad at a boyfriend when we were walking home from school on a rainy day, and the more mad I got, the more the rain intensified. That was six years ago, and to this day, if I get really emotional, the rain seems to "reflect" my emotions.

I guess what I want to know is it a coincidence or is it something else? I would really prefer that it is just a freaky coincidence.

PS - No I do not think I am a Caster from Beautiful Creatures :)


Dear Nyght,

It sounds as if you are a psychic with multiple gifts. Empaths generally are able to sense, feel, or know the emotions of other people. Mediums are able to communicate with spirits and spirit guides. Some psychics do have premonitions, the ability to see the future.

As for your rain question, I believe that your moods are being affected by the rain as opposed to the rain being affected by your mood. Either way, it's a powerful connection to have. Embrace it.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Lauren from Dallas, TX

Ok, well, I think I come from a strong line of witches. Along the way, we lost our touch. We have no teachers. With this being said, in the past five generations, the women have died alone. How can I break this?


Dear Lauren,

I am really not sure how to answer this question. Are the women in your family dying of old age and have they outlived their significant others? Have they never been in relationships? There are entirely too many variations for me to give you an honest response.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Robyn from Morrison, TN

I have been studying magic and believe in the old gods. I don't do spells, but I think one has been done to me or my daughter. A couple of boys in my neighborhood - that do harm - practice witchcraft, and one of them is dating a girl who has bullied my daughter for a long time. This morning I found a piece of a tree limb, about two to three inches long, on a step on my front porch. It was colored all over with a red marker and bound with a black cord. Because of the nature of these kids, I am sure they intended harm. From what I have looked up, there are binding spells against harm, but we have not harmed anyone for that. I know what the colors represent, but knowing how these kids are, it has raised my concerns. Do you know what this spell is and how to block it?


Dear Robyn,

I do not know what the spell is, but it could be a binding. I would suggest you put up protective measures around yourself, your children, and your home. Please read my response to Star from Europe for suggestions.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Angel from Woodbridge, VA

I'm sure I have a spirit with me. It feels warm and caring. I don't know anyone that has passed recently. How can I speak with him/her?


Dear Angel,

What you are probably feeling is your spirit guide making him or herself known to you. The next time you feel the spirit around, say hello out loud.  After, remain quiet for a few minutes. Take note of any feelings, impressions, or images you may get. It may take a while, but eventually the lines of communication will open.

Good luck!


Monday, November 25, 2013

L. from Boston, MA

Hi, I used a simple "freezing" spell I found online to stop a co-worker who was being openly rude to me, and doing sneaky, undermining things behind my back (write their name on a piece of paper, put it in a container and freeze it, basically). It was recommended that the spell be done during the waning moon. I was desperate and felt I couldn't wait any longer, so I performed it during a waxing moon. The process felt very powerful and positive, but the spell didn't seem to work, and the behavior continued over the next week or so. I figured I would perform it again when the moon was waning. When the moon began to wane, before I could do the spell again, the nasty behavior stopped abruptly! It hasn't returned, as far as I can tell. All tension seems to be gone, and it's been weeks now! So my question is, is it possible that the spell "kicked in" when the moon changed phases? Have you ever heard of this before? Thanks!


Dear L.,

Yes it is very possible that the spell did not take effect until the waning moon. However, the time frame for the spell was probably within two weeks from the moment that you cast it until you saw results. Not all magic is instantaneous and sometimes it does take a bit of time for the spell to kick in.

Great job!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lynne from Arlington, VA

My 26-year-old daughter has been out of work for two years, partly for health reasons, although she's fine now. She's having a lot of trouble finding a job - even retail places won't hire her, and she's getting very discouraged. I'd love to help her get her life back on track. Also, she's been living with me in my one-bedroom apartment for over a year, and while I love her, I'd like to have my space back. I've been thinking of doing a ritual for her, but she's an atheist. She might be willing, in the sense that anything's worth a shot at this point, but I don't think she'd participate. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Thanks!


Dear Lynne,

Your daughter really needs to participate in the ritual that I'm going to suggest. Not only does she need to participate, but she needs to have a positive attitude about it as well. 

Please read my response to Anonymous from VA for suggestions on job hunting.

Good luck, Lynne.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunny from Las Vegas, NV

Hello. I have this boyfriend and we love each other dearly. We always told each other that we wanted to live together forever. I've read up so much on witchcraft and magic. But I don't think I can do it myself. I know a couple of witches, but they are young, and I am unsure if they could help. A few weeks ago, my parents found out about my sexual relationship with my boyfriend, so they broke us up. I have little contact with him and I cannot see him. Is there any spell that can be done to fix this? Do you think you could help me? I am begging you, please, I really love him.


Dear Sunny,

Yeah... I'm not getting involved in this. I'm assuming you're a minor and your parents busted you. Ask again when you're 18.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ishmael from Ottowa, Canada

Yeah I have demon in me. He wants me to sin and do bad stuff. He gives me the urge to flip people off and say and do things that would hurt somebody. He reminds me of the bad things in my past and makes me stressed about it. He's also making my learning experience hard, putting dirty thoughts in my head so I'm always turned on. It's just terrible. Does anybody know how to deal with this? Are there any spells you guys can do to help? It's been like that for three years, and it just gets worse and worse.


Dear Ishmael,

I'm not so sure you have a "demon" in you as much as you have some raging hormones.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dumbledore from Virginia

Hi, I was wondering if you could talk a bit about defensive magic, hexes, charms and curses? What is the practical application of these? I am not concerned over a karmic backlash since this would be for defensive purposes only. I could not be bothered with puppets or other forms of sympathetic magic.

Also, would you be able to share information on color magick and warding? Would red be an appropriate color as a warning to someone to back off? What symbols and incense would be used? What could be used to protect a property? I live in a townhouse complex, so salt circles or drawings aren't going to be of much use.


Dear Dumbledore,

It would be easier if you just hired me as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Let me begin by stating that the Tradition of the Witches Circle does not condone any act of hexing, cursing, or “black” magick against innocent people. Having said that, let me also state that the Tradition of the Witches Circle does condone, and in fact encourages, the use of proactive and reactive magick.

Proactive magick is done "just in case;" before an attack, streak of bad luck, or accident happens. Proactive magick is protection magick, which is done to safeguard ourselves, our homes, and our loved ones. Reactive magick is defensive magick and is done after a threat has been perceived.

Let me ask you this… what would you do to protect your family? What line would you cross to keep your family safe?

Let’s use an extreme example. Someone you love very much is raped by a complete stranger. The police have no hope of finding the rapist. Would you sit by and do nothing? Would you say to yourself “karma will take care of this for me,” or would you try something, ANYTHING, to help bring this rapist to justice? If you answered with “karma will take of this for me,” then please ignore the rest of this lesson. There is no need for you to continue. If you answered with “I would do something, ANYTHING, to help bring this rapist to justice” then read on.

Now let’s use a subtle example. Someone you work with is “gossiping” about you. You’ve confronted the person and still they continue. You’ve ignored the person and still they continue. Although everything this person says is untrue, you still have to defend yourself to your other co-workers. Would you do nothing? This gossiper affects your job and your relationships with co-workers. Would you still do nothing? Why not do something to protect yourself?

I really don’t believe in white/good or black/evil magick. I believe that magick depends on the intent of the practitioner casting it. But if I had to try and describe it, I would say that there are three levels of magick: white magick, black magick, and gray magick.

White magick – The spells that are cast with “white” magick do not harm others, either intentionally or unintentionally. Examples of “white” magick are healing, psychic enhancement, spiritual enlightenment, strength and courage, etc.

Black magick – Spells that are cast with “black” magick are intended to hurt and/or control innocent people. This form of magick is usually unacceptable and goes against the basic tenant of the Wiccan Rede: “An it harm none, do what ye will.” Examples of “black” magick are love spells intended for specific people that do not return your feelings, commanding or controlling spells used manipulate innocent people to your will, etc.

Gray magick – The most widely used level of magick is actually “gray” magick. Some forms of “gray” magick may unintentionally hurt innocent people, such as legal matters spells, love spells, etc. Other forms of “gray” magick may intentionally hurt guilty people, such as binding an alcoholic, cursing a rapist, return to sender spells, banishing spells, gossiping, etc.

No matter the level of magick you use, you need to know one thing. If you cast a spell, you have to take the responsibility for that spell. Good or bad, right or wrong, you have to own your actions and reactions.

Red or black (or both) are great "back off" colors to use in defensive spells. For protecting property I like to use blessed black salt. You'll have to figure out the amount needed by the size of your property.

Hope this helps!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sheila from Utica, NY

I want to erase someone's mind, then after, I want to turn into a wizard. Please help me. My life is going to be really weird after this. My brothers are really mean. They hit me and stuff, and I just don't want to be me anymore. I get played around way too much by my brothers. They're really mean, like the devil's child. I'm only 10. Thank you.


Dear Sheila,

I wish I had an easy answer for you, honey. You really need to tell your mom and dad what your brothers are doing and how you are feeling about it.

I am going to light a candle on my altar for you for strength and courage.

Love always,


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sorry Not Saying from Somewhere

I'm sorry for not saying my name, but I'm not supposed to. I was wondering if is there any spell to make me turn into a mermaid ONLY when I touch water.


Dear Sorry,



Friday, November 15, 2013

Kasey from Tallahassee, FL

Dear Witch,

I meant nothing in the slightest as rude or condescending [in my previous question], and apologize deeply that I came off as such. I am told often I am too mean and it's a flaw I have difficulty with changing. I feel awful to have offended you and just wanted to thank you for your reply, as I just found it after researching again for answers. I am happy that you found some amusement in my letter, as it was meant to amuse and seek knowledge, and again thank you for your time. Blessed be.


Dear Kasey,

Apology appreciated and accepted!  Have you been working with your abilities?


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shelbie from Midvale, UT

So, I'm still not very knowledgeable about these things and I would love to learn. I've been told so many times over the years I have an unexplainable aura around me that draws people in. I also have an uncanny knack for I would say reading people. Simply standing around them or shaking their hand, I can feel who and what they are and what intentions they have. It's helped protect my husband and myself from bad situations many times. I also dream a lot. I get intense gut feelings and I'm NEVER wrong.

A few times as a young girl out and about, people would randomly approach me and my mother and say they could feel my spirit. I was very powerful and all it did was terrify me. I had no idea what they were talking about, but recently it happened again, and being 23, it was a bit less scary. I was approached and told I'm a witch. I spoke with her for a while and things started to align and make so much sense. Now I'm looking into it all. If anyone could help or give me some guidance,  I would be very thankful.

Side notes: I'm a Sagittarius, and for some reason the color purple makes me feel calm or more in tune with everything.


Dear Shelbie,

We actually have a special section set up for those new to this path. Please visit our Advice for New Witches for information and recommended reading.

It's not surprising to find out you're a Sagittarius... of all the astrological signs, they are the ones who often seek out different religious and spiritual belief systems.  The color purple usually represents spirituality, meditation, and a oneness with the Divine.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Deven from Stuart, FL

So this is something I feel horrible about and it was utterly unintentional (I cannot stress that enough. I NEVER intended to do this and only recently realized what I had done).

The short version is that I accidentally bound a bit of my (now ex) boyfriend to a ring. A fair amount of him actually. After it happened, (I'm guessing, looking back at the time frame) he changed dramatically.

Time frame basically was: We met and a while later started dating (at this point he gives me the ring which had been in his possession for a while). All was good. I needed to relocate several times and was very far away, but visited every eight weeks or so. I missed him terribly, so I wore the ring at all times, general signs of being near (feeling, seeing, etc) which I thought was because of distance and missing him. I returned to find a personality change and distance, but soon had to leave again. He started cheating, and the ring started burning me every time I wore it. He started thinking I'm crazy and no longer believed in magick and such. I found out he was cheating and we tried to fix it, but I had to leave again. The ring no longer burned. Then he returned to the girl he was cheating on me with, and the ring started burning again. He kept it secret and dragged me along, saying he's "too busy to date." After a very long and horrible time, we are no longer speaking. From what I hear and others say, there is "something missing" from him and he's "so different" and "using her to try to fill something."

I ignored these comments at first because people were saying they wanted me to get back together with him, but now it makes sense.

It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized what I had done, and now I'm trying to figure out how I can fix it. I want him to be happy and he needs to be complete for that. The simplest way to fix it would be to give the ring back, but his current girlfriend forbids him from seeing or speaking to me. And it would still mean that if he were to lose it in some way, it wouldn't help him and could get even worse.

I do most of my magick without conscious thought. Usually it's just something I feel the need to do, or something I don't even realize I'd done until later (making glamourbombs, adding herbs to dishes for health or protection even if not called for, stuff like that).

I know it sounds strange and not quite real or true, but I'm having a very hard time explaining it. I can perform a spell to fix it, I'm pretty sure, but I'm a solitary and have no coven to get advice from. This is serious, and I'd rather get advice about it than do something to make it even worse.

So I guess my question is basically, what advice do you all have to give? Herbs, stones, times, or just general suggestions. Please. I just want to fix this.


Dear Deven,

He doesn't need to have possession of the ring in order for you to undo the magick you did.  Simply hold the ring in the palm of your hands and see yourself cutting the ties that bind you two together. See and feel yourself letting him go to find his own happiness.

As for the ring, keep it for now...


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Renee from Dumfries, VA

I need some advice on "encouraging" a housemate to move out. Things are much more calm and peaceful without said housemate around. He often threatens to leave but always changes mind or does leave only to return. This person is so filled with negativity one feels smothered by it when he is present.


Dear Renee,

Why do you let him move back in once he leaves? Change the locks and tell him to get lost.

Here's a nifty little spell to encourage him to move out. DO NOT cast this spell unless you are willing to back it up in the mundane world.

Items needed:
1 yellow candle
1 black candle
Rose quartz

We call to our beloved Lord and Lady
We call to the balance of the Feminine and Masculine Divine
We call with all the hope and love within our hearts
NAME has graced our home with his presence for LENGTH OF TIME
But the time has come for him to leave and find a new home
We do this out of love and compassion, with no ill will intended
We love NAME, but he is no longer wanted in our home
He must move on with his life and take responsibility for his own actions
We light this black candle to protect against any negative emotions that may come
We place this bloodstone in front of the black candle to absorb any negativity
We light this yellow candle for NAME to feel joy, peace, and happiness
We place this rose quartz in front of the yellow candle to send him our love
The time has come for NAME to move out
NAME must be completely moved out by DATE
NAME must be completely moved out by DATE
NAME must be completely moved out by DATE
As we wish it, Lord and Lady, make it be


Monday, November 11, 2013

Rianna from Bremen, GA

I want to become a werewolf, but only when it's a full moon at night, but I want to be able to show wolf-like features until the full moon.


Dear Rianna,

Really? Have you never read a post from me before? No werewolf spells are real because werewolves aren't real!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dani from Oneida, TN

If I am making a love potion perfume, would it intensify the power if I added blood and/or something similar? If so, would it need to be my blood or that of the person I am trying to attract?


Dear Dani,

Uh, no. You would only use YOUR blood for a spell you are performing on YOURSELF. Never use blood magick on another or use another person's blood for a spell you are doing.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Debbie from St. Louis, MO

Hey, hi, there!  My question(s), well, I'll just ask one tonight, for now anyway, okay? Can you cast a good spell and help me lose weight? I do exercise A LOT, gym mostly, and try to take in restricted, not more than 1500 calories per day, but I do believe my age is against me. I'm not old, but 60 may be a bad age for women trying to lose weight, I just do not know. I did not have this problem for up to about, say, three years ago and was always able to control my weight and keep on the slim side, almost entire life so...........PLEASE help. Any good suggestions? I DO APPRECIATE your suggestions and have a fantastic weekend!


Dear Debbie,

Have you seen a doctor about this? Sudden weight gain or the inability to lose weight might be an indication of a medical problem. Please read my response to Evelyn from Victorville, CA for weight loss suggestions.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Erin from Gillette, WY

I live in a bonafide haunted house. Paranormal investigators validated this (I mention this so you don't think I'm just a nut, lol). Psychic ability runs in the family and wherever I live, I seem to bring the spirits out. After validating my suspicions, I felt bad for the two spirits in my home, despite their harassment. I made a "deal" that they could have a spare bedroom under the terms that they no longer bother my child, my husband, or myself. This "deal" worked nicely and activity dropped severely. Now there is a good possibility that I may have to break this deal. A family member may need their room.

A while back, I simply stated it was time to leave. Activity surged in response. We had our home blessed by a minister; activity surged again. We saged the house and salted the house to no avail. I feel like I'm out of options. As a young teen, my best friend's mother was Wiccan. She helped several people with similar problems, but I never witnessed the steps she took. I also witnessed the effects of many of her spells, and despite my love of Jehovah, I know that nature has its own power and presence that most Wiccans and pagans respect and believe in.

My question is: What else can I do to rid my home of this man and small child? Ghosts are people too, and as badly as I feel for having to break our deal, this is still my home. As I said, I've had the house blessed by a Christian church, salted, and saged. What methods other then sage and saltings would you recommend? I wish these spirits nothing but peace and safe passage from this world, and want only to send them on their way. I don't want them retaliating against my child as they have before. I simply NEED them to go. Please, any advice is greatly appreciated.


Dear Erin,

I'm sorry to hear your extra guests have to leave. I suggest you perform the banishing an entity spell I wrote for Brittney from Las Vegas. As for your child, place black tourmaline and bloodstone around his/her room (but out of reach) for protection.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Zafrin from New York

I have been working for an airline for about three years. I've been applying for other jobs for two years, but they never call me. My co-workers get called for interviews from the same places I apply to. They have less experience than I do, yet I don't get any calls. Please tell me what can I do to attract good luck. I really want this job. I've been applying for it every time they announce an opening. I would be very thankful for your help. :)


Dear Zafrin,

Try using the spell I suggest to Anonymous from VA

Good luck!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gwendolyn from ACT, Australia

Hello and thank you so much for reading my question.

I am a young and relatively inexperienced eclectic neopagan who runs a tumblr dedicated to spirituality. Yesterday, one of my followers asked me a question about protecting her very close friend from his new girlfriend, who both he and she believe is casting powerful love magick on him. He asked my follower, who is a witch, to perform a spell, but it hasn't worked. I told her I was inexperienced, but willing to seek help, and if she was interested that she could email me more details and she did. She has performed many spells for this friend in the past and seems quite experienced, and it has apparently worked, but the things she is telling me that have happened to coworkers and friends seem really strange. I only have practiced simple spells and do not know anything about love magick.

I didn't think these sorts of things were possible and I feel like this relationship may be abusive. The only thing I could think to offer this witch was a protection spell. Could you please help me give this witch a spell, tell me about how powerful and dangerous magick can be, or help me find a very experienced person to help her and her friend?


Dear Gwendolyn,

A protection spell would work nicely, but your "follower" shouldn't be offering to help anyone until they are well established and comfortable in their own spiritual path. As a matter of fact, she shouldn't be casting spells for anyone. Spells are fueled by NEED which is why people should always perform their own spells.

The "close friend" can use the spell I suggest to Carol from Stafford to help protect him again the new girlfriend.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tami from Hammond, IN

Hello, I have a problem and need an answer fast because this is driving me crazy. There is a name that keeps popping up all over the place: at work, on TV, on the radio, over and over. It is not coincidence for sure. I thought that the first few times were, you know, but it has been going on now for a few weeks. Does this have any meaning to it?? Please help!!!!


Dear Tami,

It depends on the name. It could be the name of a God or Goddess trying to get your attention. It could be the name of a spirit guide or an ancestor trying to pass on a message. It could even be a new magickal name.


P.S. What's the name?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Caroline from Shoreline, WA

Hi, I have someone I love very much, but he lives far away (Queen Anne). Is there a spell that can make his parents move to Shoreline so we can be closer together?


Dear Caroline,

Sorry, but no. That's why the gods make Skype!


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Risza from Bakersfield, CA

I just want to ask about a spell or ritual that was performed when I was barely born. My grandmother was really big into the black magic life. She has a picture of my sister and my dad folded, placed inside a baby food jar, and stored in the freezer. I always wondered what this meant. My sister and my dad don't get along ever since we were little. Can that have something to do with it? Thank you for your help. Hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Risza,

When a representation of people is placed in the freezer, it is usually to prevent a negative action from happening, stopping it, freezing it like ice. I can't say for sure, but it sounds more like your grandmother was taking a protective measure, not instigating dislike or disloyalty between your father and sister.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Axzia from Vine Grove, KY

I want to make a spell. I want to go back in time and help someone with a mistake. Could you help me?


Dear Axzia,

Nope, because spells like that don't exist.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Yonatan from Erie, PA

I have had a problem since as long as I can remember. It has not interfered with my choice of career; in fact, in some aspects it's been beneficial. It is my personal life and self which suffers.

I have sought medical help, which has done nothing but subject me to a plethora of tests to no avail. I even sought psychological help, only to be told I seem fine and of sound mind. Though one explanation was so far off, that it still didn't fit.

The total sum of these issues is hard to cover in a single question. So to sum it up, I seem to be able to sense what others are feeling. I can read people very well, down to their personality, simply by seeing them. I get flashes of information which turn out to be true, whether it's coming danger, a pregnancy, or other event. I can also do this with weather, by what I call reading the landscape and natural environment, so much so others joke that I am a Jewmometer. When I was younger, my father discovered I was a natural tracker. Again I can read my surroundings so well I could hunt anything and still do regularly because I get urges to hunt and they are strong.

Most disturbing to my parents, was since I was a child, I used my nose and hearing more than sight. Every time I enter a new place or go anywhere, I am constantly sniffing. What sets this apart is three documented incidents and several people who helped with my examinations. My sense of smell is so acute that on a trip into the woods, I stopped downstream and scented. I told my friends I smelled fresh berries, either blueberry or raspberry. Farther on downstream, I walked a straight line in a creek bed, directly to crushed raspberries from a store. My two friends haven't talked to me since. At work, I am an Executive Chef. A waiter grabbed my cup and asked if it was mine. I said yes. When I went to drink from it, I picked up something. I told him he liked incense, sandalwood or sage, and he smoked some high grade hydro. The kid looked at me stupid and said that was two days ago. He quit the next day. I told my ex-wife she was pregnant before she ever knew because I could smell it when we were intimate; the change in her scent told me. A week later, I had a flash of "knowing" and told her she was pregnant. She laughed. Three weeks later a test confirmed she was with child. We divorced shortly thereafter, though she had seen far more, this made her believe I wasn't normal.

She would put up with a lot, from my urges to just run at any moment, spend the night in the woods running and hunting and my aggressive snaps. She knew when I was - as she said - "in heat." There are times of the year I am hyper-sexual, usually from October to January and April to May. The rest of the time I seem fine, though I tend to be highly active and have a high metabolism. My normal body temp is 100 degrees and I produce a massive amount of body heat. I can go out in negative 22 degree weather in shorts and a shirt and feel no ill effects for at least an hour or longer. I heal fast and I don't feel pain until it's so unbearable I am ready to pass out. Though I am an avid weightlifter and swimmer, I am also unusually strong (I am 5'5", 156 pounds, and my best squat is 770 pounds).

Alcohol tends to have little effect on me, and I can sober up almost instantly. I was completely intoxicated on one incident, and as soon as someone placed me in a headlock, I sobered up and became overly aggressive. I won, but what happened left the witnesses speechless. My friends at the time, who were sober, said my speed, agility, and anger were terrifying. At one point I guess I let out a scream as I lifted this person off the floor - I was sitting too - and was told there was nothing human in it. Afterward, I shattered an oak bookcase with a single kick.

I am a naturally gifted fighter and can size up a room and its occupants easily. My mind works like a Rubik's cube for combat and hunting. I have spoken with many of my Rabbis to no avail or answer, because this plagues me so much.

My eyes tend to shift with my mood from blue to gray to yellow gold. I have what my ex-wife and others describe as a starburst blue-green.

Disturbingly, I growl. And I do not mean like a man trying to sound like a dog. Because I cannot duplicate the sound when I am relaxed or at ease. But during physical confrontation, pain, exertion, or intimacy, I growl; it just happens. But what I found is my father and grandfather (I am adopted) also did this, and my son who I had not known for four years, also growls. So much so that his actions and personality are almost exactly like mine.

I don't "see" things, but I have "seen" things. Since I was 13, I have been haunted by a black man-like figure with either red or yellow eyes. I will feel as if I am awake and engage what ever it is only to awaken again. Most recently, it was a blue entity in the form of a young woman sitting by a pool. I was speaking our conversation in my sleep and hissed. It scared my ex so bad she woke me up. When I was awake, I felt it there and it was so overpowering, I hate to admit I had to leave the house. Which is strange because I honestly do not feel much fear ever.

There have been more incidents like this with the black man-like thing.

I have attended some retreats and gatherings only to be told to leave because I had a dark or black aura. Which I don't get because I am generally a very loyal and caring person.

I have a genuine affinity and connection with animals, dogs and cats the most. I was a handler and trainer with the ARDA, and was recognized by AMERG and PSARC for my tracking and ability at reading a canine's body language. So much so it was like we were both a single person.

I have sought so much help with all of this, to find nothing. No answers, no comments, no help in understanding or helping others understand. Or even myself.

I don't understand this or anything that happens to me. I don't hide this, I am open about it and not afraid to be who I am.

But can you please help me, offer some explanation, anything? What the hell am I? Why is this happening to me? Sometimes the sounds and scents are so powerful I have to seclude myself once or twice a week because it is all so overpowering I need to reset.

Please point me in the right direction. I feel so alone and lost.


Dear Yonatan,

You're not a wolf, it that is what you're thinking. Werewolves don't really exist. However, it does sound like you do have the wolf spirit living inside you. This wolf sounds like he is a family totem as opposed to a personal totem. This is something you can expect your children to have as well. The boys will have it more strongly, but your daughters will have it as well.

It is believed that wolves represent power, strength, and magick, which would explain many of the gifts that you have been given, including your psychic and empathic abilities.

Any person in your life who is afraid of who you naturally are doesn't deserve to be with you. Interestingly enough, wolves mate for life, so you can expect a lasting relationship with your mate, and she may even be able to soothe the beast inside of you.