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Friday, November 8, 2013

Erin from Gillette, WY

I live in a bonafide haunted house. Paranormal investigators validated this (I mention this so you don't think I'm just a nut, lol). Psychic ability runs in the family and wherever I live, I seem to bring the spirits out. After validating my suspicions, I felt bad for the two spirits in my home, despite their harassment. I made a "deal" that they could have a spare bedroom under the terms that they no longer bother my child, my husband, or myself. This "deal" worked nicely and activity dropped severely. Now there is a good possibility that I may have to break this deal. A family member may need their room.

A while back, I simply stated it was time to leave. Activity surged in response. We had our home blessed by a minister; activity surged again. We saged the house and salted the house to no avail. I feel like I'm out of options. As a young teen, my best friend's mother was Wiccan. She helped several people with similar problems, but I never witnessed the steps she took. I also witnessed the effects of many of her spells, and despite my love of Jehovah, I know that nature has its own power and presence that most Wiccans and pagans respect and believe in.

My question is: What else can I do to rid my home of this man and small child? Ghosts are people too, and as badly as I feel for having to break our deal, this is still my home. As I said, I've had the house blessed by a Christian church, salted, and saged. What methods other then sage and saltings would you recommend? I wish these spirits nothing but peace and safe passage from this world, and want only to send them on their way. I don't want them retaliating against my child as they have before. I simply NEED them to go. Please, any advice is greatly appreciated.


Dear Erin,

I'm sorry to hear your extra guests have to leave. I suggest you perform the banishing an entity spell I wrote for Brittney from Las Vegas. As for your child, place black tourmaline and bloodstone around his/her room (but out of reach) for protection.