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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lynne from Arlington, VA

My 26-year-old daughter has been out of work for two years, partly for health reasons, although she's fine now. She's having a lot of trouble finding a job - even retail places won't hire her, and she's getting very discouraged. I'd love to help her get her life back on track. Also, she's been living with me in my one-bedroom apartment for over a year, and while I love her, I'd like to have my space back. I've been thinking of doing a ritual for her, but she's an atheist. She might be willing, in the sense that anything's worth a shot at this point, but I don't think she'd participate. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Thanks!


Dear Lynne,

Your daughter really needs to participate in the ritual that I'm going to suggest. Not only does she need to participate, but she needs to have a positive attitude about it as well. 

Please read my response to Anonymous from VA for suggestions on job hunting.

Good luck, Lynne.