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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shelbie from Midvale, UT

So, I'm still not very knowledgeable about these things and I would love to learn. I've been told so many times over the years I have an unexplainable aura around me that draws people in. I also have an uncanny knack for I would say reading people. Simply standing around them or shaking their hand, I can feel who and what they are and what intentions they have. It's helped protect my husband and myself from bad situations many times. I also dream a lot. I get intense gut feelings and I'm NEVER wrong.

A few times as a young girl out and about, people would randomly approach me and my mother and say they could feel my spirit. I was very powerful and all it did was terrify me. I had no idea what they were talking about, but recently it happened again, and being 23, it was a bit less scary. I was approached and told I'm a witch. I spoke with her for a while and things started to align and make so much sense. Now I'm looking into it all. If anyone could help or give me some guidance,  I would be very thankful.

Side notes: I'm a Sagittarius, and for some reason the color purple makes me feel calm or more in tune with everything.


Dear Shelbie,

We actually have a special section set up for those new to this path. Please visit our Advice for New Witches for information and recommended reading.

It's not surprising to find out you're a Sagittarius... of all the astrological signs, they are the ones who often seek out different religious and spiritual belief systems.  The color purple usually represents spirituality, meditation, and a oneness with the Divine.