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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anonymous from California

Hello, I am a male who just started studying paganism/Wicca.

A few days ago, I was trying to meditate in search of my spirit animal whilst listening to a guide on Youtube. It did not go so well, so I decided to sleep on it, hoping that maybe it would appear in a dream. That didn't go so well either.

Two nights ago, I had this dream where I was walking on what seemed to be a never-ending walkway with yellow and orange leaved trees on either side. I could not see the sky. The only source of light was the sun's rays coming in through the trees onto the path. I felt at ease, relaxed, and sort of like in a high of some sort. On each tree, there were groups of three owls peeking their heads out, staring at me. I did not stop to talk to them. I would stare back at them while still walking with my destination still unknown.

Is this a sign that the owl is my spirit animal? Or maybe since I did not stop and ask if it was my spirit animal, does this mean that I have to keep searching?

Thank you for your time.


Dear Anonymous,

No need to keep searching! I believe the owl is your spirit totem.

Have a great day!