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Monday, December 30, 2013

Declan from Winnipeg, Canada

When I was a kindergarden, I was happy and normal. When I was twelve, I felt a kind of an unknown feeling like I was just kinda happy. When I was thirteen, I suddenly felt like I'd become dark.

After my birthday, I dreamt I became the new evil to the family of hell. I saw my hand was carrying my mother's head as if I'd killed her. I couldn't drop her head and I just laughed evilly. It was like my dark self was more evil than Hades. Then Hades said, "My son, roam out the over world and see everything that you killed, even your dearest friends. I'm proud of you, son." I said, though no one heard me, "did that monster just call me son?" My dark self just said "with pleasure, Father," with an evil grin. I was so freaked out that I woke up. I tried to calm myself down, telling myself it was just a horrible nightmare.

I've had the same dream again, but I was on the earth like Winnipeg, but everything was destroyed. All my family was dead, my best friends were gruesomely dead, and even my favorite dog was dead, hanging with a rope around his neck. I was crying because everything I loved was killed. My dark self said "keep crying and keep on seeing what I've... well actually, what we've done... because you'll never see them again. I've killed your dog, the dog that you loved and cared for." I said "NOOOO" in the saddest way, then woke up and never got back to sleep until the morning.

Dear Declan,

Dude are you for serious? I'm a little scared to mock you because this sounds like a serial killer's dream. Please don't become the "new evil to the family of hell." Beware the dark side. They have dead dogs! Dead dogs = bad! Living dogs = happy. You do the math!