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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eden from Ostend, Belgium

I've been having some weird dreams over the summer. In the begin of the summer, there always was a main figure, a boy about my age with black hair, dark eyes, and a beautiful smile. But when he grins, he has sharp teeth and a tongue like a snake. He was always in different situations, in my bedroom, in my living room, or in my school.

He always had an amused look in his eyes, like he saw something I was missing and found it extremely amusing, but in an evil way, like he was toying with me. I also saw him once on the street. I was walking and out of the blue I saw something dark next to me, I turned my head and he was grinning at me. The moment I blinked, he was gone. This seriously freaks me out and sometimes I can still feel him, grinning at my back.

The second dream I'm having, more at the end of the summer, was in the woods. I was running for something, hearing it hissing, growling, and laughing behind me. At first when I turned around I saw nothing, just trees. But it crept in slowly, and at the end, when I turn around, I saw a wolf jumping at me. Sometimes it seemed like the face was turning into that boy in the first dreams.

At first, I wasn't paying much attention to the second dream, but a while ago, I was in the woods and I could hear whispers that none of my friends heard. At night I was hearing something howl and that freaked me out so bad. Normally the woods calm me down, but now it felt bad, wrong, like I didn't belong there.

The first day I had found a place in those woods where I found peace, I heard nothing there and I felt relaxed ad safe. I felt the strong urge to close my eyes and as soon as I did it was like a white light exploded and a young woman dressed in a wavy green dress stood before me, around us was a circle of light. She was talking to me but I couldn't understand her because she was talking so soft.

I don't understand a thing about those dreams and what happened in the woods? Who or what are they and can I trust them?

Last night, I was talking about my dreams with my friend. Suddenly strange things were happening. I felt a breath on my arm, my blanket started moving, it felt like someone was standing on the end of my bed, I heard a sound as if someone was splashing on the water in my aquarium, and my closet was squeaking as if someone was leaning against it or pushing it.

It freaked me out so bad that I couldn't move, my friend didn't reply my texts and I got this weird sense of loneliness as if no one could help me or cared about me. The next morning, my friend told me that he couldn't reach me. His texts didn't send and he didn't receive mine. Also, the rope that was on his desk when he went to bed was next to his bed when he woke up. This is really scaring me, please help me.


Dear Eden,

Sounds like you need to banish an entity out of your home. Please read my response to Brittney from Las Vegas for more information.

As for the woman that you met, who surrounded you with a circle of light, she was either a spirit guide or a family member trying to protect you. I recommend you perform the banishing an entity spell as quickly as possible.

Good luck, honey.