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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jen from Fayetteville, NC

I'm wondering if there is a way to give a gift back? When I was young, I turned to my grandmother for everything. When I was in first grade, I began to recognize things I dreamed were happening. Deja vu... But I also got feelings about things. For example, my cousin died in another state, and I begged my mother to call my grandmother and my aunt. I just knew something was wrong. After my cousin's funeral, my grandmother asked me what was going on with me. I had already started telling her my dreams. I told her I felt my cousin was in pain, almost as though I felt her fear and pain myself - the best way a first grader can describe these things. I was really scared. My grandmother told me that some people have gifts from god, and that she had the same gifts. She also said her grandmother did. She told me it was to be kept secret except for close family. She said that people couldn't accept these things, and they would hurt me with their words or other ways. She told me there would be times I could keep bad things from happening, but to be careful and to be ready to deal with the consequences. Also, that some things weren't meant to be changed.

I found out what that meant years later, when I stalled a friend of mine from leaving me. I had the worst feeling, so I kept her talking until it passed. She called me later. She just narrowly escaped an accident, but the car that was involved in her lane had kids in it, and they were hurt badly. I felt like my friend would've been hurt, but at least kids wouldn't have. I've had times this gift has saved me and ones I care about, but I have felt the fear and pain of the death of all my loved ones and friends. I dream horrible things about places and people I've never met. To prove to myself it was real, I asked a friend to go out of state with me. She's the only friend who knows. I wrote down the dream before we left, described the roads, the house, and the family who lived there, even the car. They lost a child in my dream. I had to know. We drove to the town, and when we got there, I told her exactly how to get to the house, as if from instinct. The house was there as I wrote it down, plus the car and the roads. It was like walking into my dream. I didn't bother the family, but there was a wreath. So we went to the library, read the newspaper, and discovered their child had been killed.

What is this really, and can I either make it stop or get better control of it? I fight sleep to avoid the dreams, but there's nothing I can do about the feelings I get when I'm awake. One of the worst and most embarrassing things is when I get physically sick in public when a bad person comes within room distance of me. I don't mind knowing they are bad, but throwing up and gagging until I can get far enough away from them... that's something else. And these are strangers, coworkers, supposed pillars of the community. I can tell what kind of bad too, like child molesters, just a mean person who hurts people, or a thief. There's got to be a way to control it or cut it off sometimes, right?

Dear Jen,

Right. Buy a piece of jewelry with blue opal. This will block your empathic ability. You want natural blue opal, not a lab-created one. You need the length of time it takes the opal to be created for added energy. This will allow you to control your gifts even better.

But, hon, I think you're looking at it all wrong. You can sense when a negative person is around, and you can protect yourself, your family, and your friends from those kinds of people. Think of all the pain you've prevented. It is sad that those children in the accident were hurt instead of your friend, but they were hurt, not killed. There was no way you could have known that those kids would have been hurt, and I highly doubt you can answer if it would have changed your mind. The more you fear your psychic abilities, the more they will control you. The more your abilities control you, the more out of whack they're going to be. The blue opal is going to help you control the gifts, but you do have to work with them to master them.

As for your dreams, try placing black tourmaline and citrine between your mattress and your box spring.