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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kristen from Stafford, VA

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to encourage self confidence as well as inner peace? For a while now I have had some family issues, and my family isn't the kind where they are very rational, and only invite negativity. I have always been the bigger person, and kept the peace with them, but now that I have a new little family of my own, I am not able to bend backwards and deal with their (my extended family) drama. Ever since I let them go, I have been having very bad dreams, and they always seem to appear in them like they know that they are in my dream harassing me. Anyways, it has taken a toll on my inner peace and self confidence, and I am not sure how to deal with this. Thanks for listening!


Dear Kristen,

Nothing can jack up our self-confidence faster than family. For the bad dreams, I would recommend a dream catcher that has citrine incorporated into the design. Citrine is well known to help protect against nightmares. If you are a crafty person, you can create your own dream catcher using citrine chips sewn into the weaving.

Aquamarine mala,
hand-made at 13 Magickal Moons

As for your inner peace and self-confidence, I would recommend incorporating a mala into your spiritual practice. Malas are prayer beads, which when used with positive affirmations, can create an amazing amount of change within a person. Since you live in Stafford, you aren't too far from 13 Magickal Moons, and we have a decent selection of malas in stock with more becoming available right before Christmas.