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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jenna from Akron, OH

Would you have any ideas for spells or any other help in keeping a firm hold on my choice to remove myself from my toxic and abusive family? My husband and I are finally (hooray!) at a point where we've gotten the tentative green light to start trying to expand our family beyond he and I and the four cats - but only with the understanding that stress is a big no-no and a laundry list of rules for my health and safety.

Phone calls from one side of the family tend to leave me flat and either in tears or pitifully curled around the toilet throwing up from the stress-induced migraine and a stomach in knots. Bad for me in the normal run of things, but pregnant... takes it from bad to nightmarish if I risk a miscarriage. I am trying to do all I can to distance myself, and having a partner who stands strong next to me is a blessing, but my folks know how to push all the guilt buttons and usually manage to drag me back into the family mess after a few weeks/month. It's time to let them go, to accept that I can't be what they demand, and that their misery isn't my doing, it's their own choices and actions. But any spells/prayers/rituals that can help me hold tight to what I know is the right action to take for myself, my husband, and eventually our children would be (possibly literally) a life saver.


Dear Jenna,

You need to start thinking of yourself as a mom right now. From the sounds of it, you have to make a choice between the life and existence of your unborn child or allowing your family to verbally abuse you at every step. A chant that I use when I'm having moments of weakness is "I am the one. I am the power. This is my time. This is my hour." This chant reminds me that no matter how I am feeling, what is going on around me, or what other people are doing to me that I am the most powerful person in my universe and nobody can take that power away from me. 

Screw your biological family. Screw their guilt, and screw their abusive behavior. Look to your strong partner and the family made of close friends who support you. We  often have a stronger bond with the family that we choose than the family we are born into.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lucy from United Kingdom

Hi, I'm 26 and I want to become who I feel I was meant to be. I began looking into it when I was younger, but many things happened in my life and things got pushed aside whilse I dealt with these. I guess what I'm asking is where do I start? Is it essential to have an altar? Do I need a coven? I'd prefer to practice quietly at home. What specific things should I begin with? Thank you for taking time to get back to me.


Dear Lucy,

Yes, it is important to have an altar because an altar is a physical representation of your chosen spiritual path. It is not important to have a coven. Please read this post for information about creating an altar.

As for where to start, I suggest you buy a couple of books like Dorothy Morrison's The Craft or Scott Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner to help you get started. Both of these books will give you great suggestions for connecting with your own spirituality.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tonya from Woodbridge, VA

I'm very interested in Wicca. I read a lot of books, look on the internet, and have been in a few shops. I just haven't found the answers I'm looking for. I have a few products, but just don't know how to get started or who to talk to. Can you help me?


Dear Tonya,

You are right in my neck of the woods. You should stop by 13 Magickal Moons for one of our Tea Nights on Wednesday evenings from 6-9 pm. This is a great and safe way to meet others of a like mind who live in the same area as you and to be able to ask questions of other practitioners. I look forward to meeting you soon one day!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Cyndi from Nokesville, VA

Greetings and blessings. I have always had a keen interest in Wicca and have Correlian, but I'm not certain if this is my correct path. I am so confused. 

Also, I am looking for a pendulum but having no luck. Sigh. 

Thank you in advance.


Dear Cyndi,

When you're first begin practicing, I suggest you study a wide variety of different paths to find which one resonates with you the most. You may find that not one specific path is for you, but pieces from several paths. 

As for your pendulum question, can you not find any or can you not find one that resonates with you? Pendulums are very common. Most metaphysical stores, new age stores, and online stores should have a wide variety for you to choose from. If you haven't found one that resonates with you, then have you thought about creating your own pendulum? Creating your own pendulum is very simple. If you have a piece of gemstone, roughly one and a half to three inches long, then simply tying a piece of string to it can create a very powerful pendulum. You can also use your favorite ring strung on a necklace chain as a pendulum.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Delaney from Huntington Beach, CA

Someone I love is going through a hard time, so I wished as much as possible for him to be lucky and gain wealth. I may have done a chant too, but I can't remember it. Now, he's ignoring me and he's not in love with me anymore (even though he hasn't told me directly, since he's ignoring me), even though I've done nothing wrong. What happened, and what should I do?


Dear Delaney,

Did you have permission to do the spell? If not, then his ignoring you could be the karmic slap that comes with doing magick on another person without their permission. Or he could just be over the relationship and over you. Cut your losses and move on. Anybody who would end a relationship by just ignoring another person doesn't deserve the tear you would shed for him.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Amy from Canandiagua, NY

Hello - I am finding all kinds of objects in my house. I have long suspected my family of using witchcraft against me. Is leaving an object in someone's house a form of a spell? I now have three or more knife sharpeners I did not buy, some razor blades I never purchased, and silverware - lots of meaningless junk building up. I don't shop often and when I do I remember what I got.

I am just trying to get to the bottom of this and have a peaceful life. My daughter brought a present of a decorated box from my exlaws. I said, please - an empty box is symbolic of a box gifts.

I think my daughter might be under the exlaws' influence. I have no gripe against Wicca or witches. I am a loving person and fully realize that there are many good witches. Please help me. 


Dear Amy,

Unless the box actually looks like a coffin, an empty box doesn't represent a coffin. As for the items appearing in your home, it is more likely that if someone were performing a spell against you, they would take items from your house, not leave items there. 

Why would your family use witchcraft against you? Are you a horrible person who deserves to be punished? Do they just not like the color hair you have this week? Most people who practice Wicca or witchcraft try to walk a path that is not is harmful to others, especially family members. You claim to have an open and loving heart, but your question doesn't sound very loving or open. If you're looking for a "witch" to do something bad to you, then you're going to see bad in everything they do.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nancy from Sacramento, CA

Hi. My neighbors seem to be performing some sort of ritual in their backyard today, which I can't help but notice. It is a man and a woman. She is wearing a feather in her hair. He is holding a hammer, and at times a large wrench, and they have built some sort of fire. They are moving about, making moves with the hammers and staffs, and it appears to be that they are acting something out, which is all good and fine with me. However, they held up a white cat and dropped it, but I couldn't see where they dropped it - hopefully not into the fire. They seemed like nice people in the past, saying hello and waving, but I am a cat lover, so I am concerned they might have hurt the cat. Can you shed some insight? Thanks much.


Dear Nancy,

No, I can't shed some insight. Call the fucking police if you think they killed the cat! Have you seen the cat since??

Readers: Seriously, if you think harm is being done to an animal, don't write me. Call the police!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

David from Fall River, MA

Hello, I found this site just a few minutes ago when I was looking for information about spirit guides. I was having a rather lengthy conversation yesterday about spirit guides and angels, etc with a friend and told her I didn't believe much in spirit guides and if I did, would I ever see them and know who they were, and how do I find out their name or names? I am tarot reader and have done a little medium work.

Well, last night when I was thinking on this issue, I saw her. She was an old friend. I saw her twice before, but it was so long ago, once was when I was 10 and another time when I was 25 or so. I am now 48 and I saw her again last night, and I instantly started crying because she was like a long lost friend, and it really blew my mind.

I saw a witch all dressed out like a classical witch would look like, complete with tall hat and dressed in black. I knew she was my teacher. I know because I have seen her twice before. I asked and she came to me and it blew my mind. My question is this: How can I invoke her to help me in my readings? How can I ask her to help me help others? Looking forward to an answer. Thank you very much.


Dear David,

Let me get this straight. You're a tarot-reading medium who doesn't believe in spirit guides? You do realize that being a medium means you're claiming to be able to speak to spirits? A spirit guide is a spirit. Just wanted to make you aware of what you said in your question...

The way to invoke your classical witch spirit guide is to speak like you would speak to a spirit when you are performing one of your sessions as a medium. Since you're going to be asking her to help you in your readings and helping other people, you want to build a relationship/friendship with her. Don't just use her as your own personal encyclopedia. A successful relationship with a spirit guide is both give and take.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ivy from Norfolk, VA

Hi! I am looking for a ritual or spell to help with an ongoing issue I, and others, have been having at work. While we have a policy of being aware of what our "scent" is in the office, a couple of employees put on enough perfume and cologne each day for ten people. I am extremely sensitive to chemicals, fragrance, smoke, etc... I've dealt with many health issues as a result. Human Resources has been no help. We've basically been told that they don't want to single anyone out by discussing their scent. This is a health issue, and I have nowhere else to turn in the company. At this point, I sit at my desk with a mask on my face to block the smell, and am on a nasal steroid and allergy medicine to try and counteract the effects. I am looking for something that will stop the employees from wearing the scents while in the office. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Dear Ivy,

I would push the issue with HR. It is their job to notify employees if their scent is causing medical issues with another employee. The fact that you're wearing a mask and are taking steroids so you can clock your eight hours a day should let HR know you're not kidding. Is there someone you can go to above HR? 

Magickally speaking, I hesitate to suggest a binding spell simply because I believe there would be karmic repurcussions for you if you did it. But if you're willing to take the karmic slap, please read this post for instructions about how to do it, changing the words to suit your situation. You would need to do a binding spell for each individual person. 

Keep in mind that this person/people aren't really doing anything wrong or malicious. Thinking about what I did for my hygeine today, I have on scented body lotion, mousse, hair spray, and perfume. I'm sure to someone who's sensitive, I probably smell like a cheap whorehouse, which is not my intention! Good luck, and let me know how it goes.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jenna from Akron, OH

Hope this is okay, but I just had a humdinger handed to me and I have no idea where else to take it. In my very, very, very conservative Christian family (not sure how that turned ME out, but every generation gets two black sheep, and well. Baaahhh.), for all their extremely Baptist views on almost everything, there are a few... oddball exceptions. They don't talk about it much, but it's common knowledge that my grandmother was an empath. So was her granny. And so am I. It gets talked around - usually something gets muttered about "remnants from before the Fall" and "how we all were 'supposed' to be before Eve went and mucked things up" and then the conversation gets changed. In a hurry. It's something I've struggled with since childhood (granny died when I was little, so no help there) - I get told more things than anyone wants to hear and spend a lot of time trying to keep "me and thee" in as clearly separate boxes as I can to keep a tight grip on what is MY emotional state and not get bogged into the morasses that can cling to other people. While it can be funny at times (there is something about me that just makes total strangers decide to tell me pretty much everything. The running joke is one of these days I need to wander into Langley, VA and offer my services to one of the alphabet bureaus. Forget scarily intimidating interrogators dealing with terrorists - give me 20 minutes in the room and a pot of tea to share and I'll know not only where the bomb is... but their mother's birthday, their favorite color, and the name of the girl who broke their heart in the 4th grade. I so very much wish that was a joke.), it's also hard. But lately, things have been getting tougher and I finally brought it up to my mom. (As an adult, I don't have to worry anymore about getting the devil smacked out of me for talking about things.) Today, out of nowhere, I got sat down and told that yes, her mom was like me, and that everyone ALSO knows that my dad's mom had the Sight. It had been talked about in the family lately and decided I needed to know because it was looking rather clearly to them (I come from an old family - I'm 33 and most of my cousins are in their 50s and 60s) that I was sitting smack dab in the middle of a double whammy, and about to come into it all. It's just... I don't know. For all it's a family that calls it one thing, there are so many traditions that seem so much more like rituals just dressed up in starched Pilgrim clothing. Tacky shoebuckles and all.

No idea how to handle it. No clue how to process it. And frankly, I have no desire to go back into one of their churches and have rocks tossed at me. Again.

Looking back at this, I know I've not asked an actual question yet, so here goes. How do I learn about this? How can I find someone real? Where can I start with something trustworthy? Basically... how do I find a teacher? Because all I know at the moment is sitting quietly in a chair and humming to myself, trying to ignore it and shoving it all down isn't gonna work.

And if you happen to have any ritual, spell or ~anything~ to suggest how to deal with the total sense of gobsmackification of having this dumped on my head from people who normally would start tossing holy water and calling for a witch hunter if others brought it up... I'd be pretty darn grateful. Because in a life that has often seemed to be based on that old Chinese curse about being born in interesting times... this a still a bit of a braintwist. I've always walked outside of my family's path and been, for the most part, a happy solitary. I've been blessed to find my way crisscrossed with others when needed - but at the moment, I'm floundering alone in the dark and have absolutely no clue where to head. This is one of the few times I'm actually a bit scared. In the dark is one thing, but now I feel like there are bottomless pools on every side of me, and I have no clue how to keep from falling in and drowning. And the currents are sure to drag me under.


Dear Jenna,
Witchvox is always a good place to start to find a teacher. To read up on your own, I would recommend So You Want to Be a Medium

You have one of two choices here. You can look at your empathic and psychic abilities as a gift or you can view is as a "gobsmackification." I'm sorry that your family is ultra strict and that you've been abused by the church, but there is no reason to be afraid of your "double whammy" gift. Believe it or not, you're not alone. Most people have some empathic and psychic skills. It's just a matter of learning how to control the gifts so you can use them when you want and they don't control you. Good luck!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Alex from Somewhere in Canada

I think there's a curse on me or someone inside this house. Both my cat and dog started getting sick all of a sudden, and after several visits to the vet, he still can't say what's wrong with them. My cat will die soon, since her condition is so bad (no, she's not that old). Also, me and another member of my household started getting sick, like me having heart trouble and the person in question having migraine crises so severe that she had to be brought to the hospital. Now I'm in my 20's, so my heart troubles are not normal considering I don't have any medical history in my family of such things, and all these events started about a week ago. 

Now, I'm looking for some form of guidance. What are my options? Should I try some cleansing of the house? Should I try some ceremony to find out what this is and how it can be stopped? And if so, what tradition should I use? I mean, the internet is full of so-called spells and most of them sound like they've been written by 12-year-olds. Any ideas? Thank you.


Dear Alex,

Curses seem to be a running theme these days! Before asking yourself if you've been cursed, you should ask yourself if you've done something that deserves for you to have been cursed. If I were in your position, I would do two things, one magickal and one mundane. The magickal thing I would do is cleanse the house. Start at the very bottom of the home and work your way all the way up into the attic. While cleansing the home, you can say something as simple as "I cleanse this house of all negativity." The mundane thing to do is have your home checked for mold. As easy as it would be to blame something magickal for your problems, something as simple as mold can cause a wide variety of health problems to animals and humans alike, including respiratory and neurological problems.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Angel from Battle Creek, MI

I am solitary and combine many pratices or rituals my own way. I am just getting to know lots of other magick and practices, so I am a beginner of most. I am getting to know more about crystal and gemstone magick, healing, and protection. I want to make a talisman for someone important to me using protection gemstones. Can I combine a number of them in one sachet or gris gris bag?


Dear Angel,

Absolutely you can combine different gemstones into a sachet or gris gris bag!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Vivi from Kouvola, Finland

Hi. I found a weird Z or an N letter, with two lines on each side of it drawn on a piece of tape on my computer. I thought, could it be a symbol? I know that no one's touched my computer. Is it a curse? I drew a pic of it. If you dont know what it is, I don't know then. Maybe I was sleep drawing.


Dear Vivi,

I have no idea what the symbol represents. The closest I could come to it is the Runic symbol Hagalaz which can represent drastic change, stress, or a karmic lesson.  If you still possess the paper, I would get rid of it with fire or flush it down the toilet.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mike from Salem, MA

Hello, I came here because I have questions regarding magic. When I was around the age of 14, my sister came home from a dark carnival with a magic book. She became obsessed with it and eventually brought me into the mix. One day she told me to sit down at the kitchen table that had a plate in the middle with four lit candles. We would all hold hands around the table, close our eyes and repeat, "We want a dollar, we want a dollar, we want a dollar" or somewhere along the lines of that. However each time we would look under the plate there would be a dollar. I must admit that I was far from believing it was real and assumed that someone was slipping a dollar under the plate when my eyes were closed. That is until I started to pretend to close my eyes and watch the plate and realize that no one had unlinked hands and that a dollar would still appear under the plate each time we did the chant. This struck me with amazement, but I was still not 100% convinced. That is until I tried the spell on my own and just linked my hands around the plate and kept my eyes open the entire time. What I saw was absolutely life changing. I witnessed a dollar fall right through my ceiling surrounded in a blue aura. This was what turned my world upside down and made me think twice about if magic was real or not. After this event, my sister began to talk about an entire world that existed that we could not see. Also that she had a master in this world that was training her. (Believe me I know how this all sounds, but I am not looking to shock anyone, or make you believe in something you do not want to believe, and I am not doing this to spark controversy or get attention. I am just looking for answers. Please disregard this if you do not know anything about it.) Anyway, I followed my sister deeper down the rabbit hole. She said that because I had not received any training that I would not be able to recall the next spell we were to try next. This was the ability to freeze time and go and do anything we wanted but that I would not remember. However we would do this and each time I felt like I didn't move from my spot and that no time had gone by between the time of the spell and what she would tell me we did after. Anyway, I would ask her each time what we did and it would be random things like taking the printer paper out of the printer and spreading it all over the floor, etc... I had noticed that before I went upstairs that all the paper was neatly stacked in the printer. Also that she had not left the room and we would do this multiple times. This went deeper and deeper to the point where we wanted nothing to do with the book and had to say a spell to be denounced from it and completely lose any power we had be given by the book. She then told me we could never talk about it again, but it is driving me crazy and I want to know what I was doing, and what negative effects this could have on me spiritually or religiously, if any. Thanks for your time and I hope that there is someone out there with answers for me.


Dear Mike,

Um... I have no words.  You're talking about movie/illusion magic which isn't real despite what you think you saw.  I would talk to your sister about the horrible jokes she played on you.