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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Luvbie from Kansas City, KS

How do I quiet my mind?


Dear Luvbie,

Start by putting your cell phone on mute, turning off the tv and radio, and lighting some soothing incense if you like, maybe lavender or dragon's blood. Sit in a comfortable position and begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose for a count of four, holding your breath for a count of four, exhaling through your mouth for a count of four, and holding your breath for a count of four. Do this for three to five minutes. If you find your mind is racing while you're taking the breaths, then silently talk yourself through the process.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Luvbie from Kansas City, KS

Can poems that I write be ignited with magic?


Dear Luvbie,



Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jason from Nicolasville, KY

As long as I can remember I have been sensitive to spirits and the paranormal. I got sick feelings around some people and places and always caught sight of things in the corner of my vision that others did not. Some were very horrible. I was raised Roman Catholic, and a few weeks after my confirmation I started realizing that when I was alone at night I was not really alone. Something was always just outside the corner of my eye but not there when I looked. Though I have always been a student of the occult and magic, it was not until I was 18 and started my studies into astral projection that I finally got a good look at what had always been by my side. Words can't even describe what I saw sitting next to me. It was small, about toddler size and not very pleasant-looking, yet I had no fear of it. I almost had a comfort in seeing it. After this, I become more aware of him and saw him more often. He was even a welcome site some nights at the foot of my bed as if guarding me. It has even spoken to me in my mind a few times, I think. I once dated a Wiccan that cheated and broke my heart. Someone from the community told me that for two weeks afterward, something tormented her. I had a feeling my friend was involved. I lived a life more exciting than most, like my dreams came true for the next couple of years. Then things went bad - career loss, divorce, and pretty close to poverty. But I also had not felt my friend in awhile. I started seeing/feeling it again after my divorce, but it soon faded again. I just realized tonight that I have not seen or felt my friend in a very long time. Even now as I write this letter, tears are building in my eyes and I feel this uncontrollable sadness with the realization of the loss. What could it have been? Did it help my dreams come true? Did it all go wrong because it left? Did I push it away by taking it for granted and not thinking about it? I never attributed my success to it. I just now thought about the events and timeline of my life. Why am I so sad right now? Another thought just came to me. I stopped seeing it around the time I got my dog. Could that have something to do with it? I'm not sure why this all hit me tonight. Any ideas? 


Dear Jason,

I think your friend was a spirit guide helping you to make positive choices for positive outcomes in your life. Spirit guides are like humans. If you take them for granted or de-value them, they will walk away. The loss you're feeling is the loss of a lifetime friend. You've been so used to having this person around you and with you that the loss of his energy emotionally effects you. One thing you might want to try is to stop calling him "it" and start referring to him as "him." Open yourself back up to your spirit guide and communicate with him out loud as often as you can. Make sure he understands how much he is appreciated. Good luck!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jessica from Conway, MO

How do I know if I have found my soul mate? He and I are strangers, yet I dream of him most nights. It feels like we're together. He's been in my dreams for a long time and I'm wondering why it is. I have fallen hopelessly in love with this man and it breaks my heart every morning when I wake up from a beautiful dream with him to find that he's not there. Any kind of advice you could give me would be very appreciated.


Dear Jessica,

When you find your soul mate you'll know it. Having a soul mate is more than just loving someone. It's having that deep spiritual bond and connection with another person. If you can see the face of the man in your dreams, try to keep an open mind if you do meet your soul mate and he doesn't have the same face. In your dreams, he is idealized. In reality, he's going to be human. Sometimes our soul mate doesn't come in the perfect package.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Debbie from Cape Coral, FL

I have been seeing the Old Mother. Only in my peripheral vision, but I am sure she is there. What does it mean?


Dear Debbie,

The Old Mother, AKA the Crone, typically represents a time of crossroads in our life, a time when a big decision we make is going to begin leading us down a new path. Pay attention to what the Crone is saying to you and seriously think about the signs around you when she appears, like animals, numbers, people, and phrases.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Carmen from Adelaide, Australia

Sorry if this is too long of a question, but I just need some help. I'm really confused about this. My spells have always worked. I've never ever used black magic (well, what I thought was black magic). But recently I tried casting a spell. I had set up the whole ritual with everything I needed from my Book of Shadows (grandmother's B.O.S, passed down to me). Before casting the spell, I set up a protection square so that unwanted spirits wouldn't distract me during my spell. 

I'll explain to you what the spell was: The spell was to get someone that I really wanted out of my life to stay as far away as possible (not harm). So I used blood magic because it doesn't end. During the ritual, I felt so much stronger and better and like I could do anything. After I did the spell, I felt it working, if you know what I mean. I had a sense that it worked and I also felt weaker so I knew it had worked because it was a strong spell. 

I got results, BUT: (Main problem) The next week I tried casting another spell. It was a protection spell. I was trying to enchant my ring for protection. Throughout the whole ritual, I couldn't get a connection with the spirits (my guides) and I had no sense of control for what I was doing, like I had lost all my powers. 

So that's what made me think that maybe what I had done was black magic and that the spirits might not want to help me any more and they might have left. It would be great if you could tell me if the blood ritual was black magic or not and if ALL blood rituals are bad. If not, why aren't the spirits helping me anymore? Do I even need the spirits to help me still because I've been practicing witchcraft for five years now? I just want my powers back.


Dear Carmen,

You didn't lose your powers. Your energy levels are low. You can't "lose" your powers... well, that's not true. You will lose your powers on the day you die because they're directly connected to your life force energy. 
When you're performing any kind of spell, make sure you feel up to the task. Make sure you've eaten and you're well rested, in a good mood, and in the right frame of mind. 

As for using blood magic, as long as the blood you're using is your own, then it's fine. 

Of course you need your spirit guides. They're your connection to the other world. Maybe they walked away because they got tired of you not listening to them. Spirit guides are like people. They like to be thanked. They don't like to feel taken advantage of. Make sure you're treating them with the respect they deserve.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shannon from Peoria, IL

I have a question about numbers. I frequently (several times daily) just happen to look at the clock when it is 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55. Ever since the evening of my birthday, 11/27/2012,  I have been repeatedly seeing 11:27 sometimes am and pm (this is almost daily). I would normally think it is some weird coincidence, but this is so common these days that it is unnerving. Any ideas or advice regarding this? Any insight is appreciated. Blessed Be! 

Follow up: I posted a question yesterday and haven't seen a response yet. How long does it take for the question to post?


Dear Shannon,

Patience is a virtue. The Ask A Witch team answers these questions in our free time, which ain't much, and we get to the questions as often and quickly as we can. 

As for your original question, seeing repeating numbers like 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, etc. is usually an indication that spirits are around you and trying to communicate with you. I suspect the same is true for your 11:27. The next time you happen to look at the clock and it says 11:27, try to stop what you're doing, take a few deep breaths, and communicate out loud with the spirits around you. You probably won't hear them on the first try, but hopefully you'll be more patient with them than you were with me!

Have a blessed day!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Alexander from Charleston, SC

Hi, I want to buy this gold-plated necklace of a hamsa hand or "hand of Fatima". It is said to offer protection from the evil eye and bad omens, but in the center of the hand is a bluish opal. My birthday is not in October, so I'm not sure if it will be bad luck to wear the necklace since that is also believed to be bad luck. Anyway, please let me know if I should buy the neckalce or not. Thank you.


Dear Alexander,

The necklace sounds beautiful and I'm sure it will offer you the protection you are hoping for AFTER you cleanse and consecrate it with your specific intentions.  For directions on how to cleanse and consecrate your new necklace, please read my response to Cameron from Fresno, VA.

The gemstone, blue opal, is well known for creating a protective barrier between its wearer and other people's emotions. So in my opinion... this will be a FANTASTIC amulet!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Patrick from Moncks Corner, SC

I was wanting to know if it is possible for someone to make me their slave or to possess me?


Dear Patrick,

I'm sure there are plenty of groups out there that would love to have you be their love slave/submissive... but you won't get any of those names from me.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Margaret from Warrenton, VA

I used to have Reiki sessions with a a specific practitioner out of her home office in Woodbridge, VA and I think she has moved or something. Do you know of any trustworthy practitioners in the Warrenton, VA and surrounding areas?


Dear Margaret,

To find Reiki practitioners in your area, use a fantastic website called The Witches' Voice. Good luck finding a healer to work with!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Georgia from Ashburn, VA

I am having a difficult time letting go of anger and resentment after years of mistreatment by an unkind, spiteful stepmother. She has passed and I assisted her while she was home on hospice. I have spent years trying to come to terms with the past and trying to create new that she has died everything is rushing back. I find myself feeling glad she is dead and I don't like that feeling - it isn't in line with who I am. Is there some way to rid myself of negative energy and emotions so that this relationship no longer takes over my happiness and my life? Thanks.


Dear Georgia,

Anger and rage are active emotions and therefore need to be dealt with using activity.  Go out for a run/job/walk, beat up a punching bag, beat your mattress with your fists, or bang your pillow around.  Do something - anything - active while thinking about your stepmother.  You won't see a change right away in how you feel, but you'll start to notice less anger and resentment the more you active you are.


P.S.  It's OK to be mad at a person who has passed on!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anna from Lynchburg, VA

I know there are fictional books on being claimed by the light or the dark. Is that possible for a witch or do we choose?


Dear Anna,

Every day we choose to be a good person/witch or to be a bad person/witch.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Sarah from Orlando, FL

I was wondering if you could tell me what the premise behind this altar is? 

I was told it was a curse but I was curious as to the extent of it. Thanks so much. 


Dear Sarah,

It looks like your standard altar with a triple goddess altar cloth, wand, athame, herbs, candles, mortar and pestle, and cauldron... basic standard stuff.

Whoever's altar this is definitely has the appropriate negative tarot cards and runes to perform a curse. However, the cards and runes themselves do not create the curse.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jenna from Akron, OH

Not a question, a thanks for an answer

Thanks so much - I've had a bit of time to let the family "reveal" as it were, settle down a bit, and while I'm still treading softly, it's knocking me less sideways. I'll definitely order the book you suggested and see what I can find over on Witchvox. I'm trying to not let it completely overwhelm me and use it all the best I can... I suppose part of it is worry about misusing it. It's bit me in the butt a time or two - someone shares far more then they mean to, and I'm suddenly a very uncomfortable person to be around. (Once you tell someone that you slept with your husband's best friend or your best friend is anorexic, the next time you run into that person... folks worry I'm going to suddenly announce their secret. Thankfully I have a hard enough time remembering MY details. If I don't make a point of remembering, things sieve out! But people think that their secret is some horrible overwhelming monstrous thing that no one can understand or handle and don't believe it has just rolled over me. The pensive look on my face isn't me wondering when I should announce it, but more likely me trying to remember if I fed the cat or where my keys are!) Part of the fear was getting tangled in some other things I think, and I also noticed that the panic tended to rise when dealing with the family telling me. And with distance... I'm feeling rather dim for not making the connection to THEM being freaked out causing things to get magnified and bounced back at me. I suppose if you let yourself sit in a room where most of the people with you view you as an abomination and something that will make God angry - that's going to make the focus of that angst twitch. It's taken a bit of time to untangle their issues with it from my own - and that's where I think I need to aim my first bit of studying. Find a way to make sure I know what is me and my issues/fears/concerns/etc... and what is outside noise to be tuned off. I guess that would be shielding? I'm off to order the book and then rummage about in West Virginia to see what I can find. I'm about to be sidelined for some months (when I finally get pregnant as I'm trying to, my car keys go bye-bye until four months after a baby arrives due to a minor heart issue. Lots of time to get things figured out, as well as a good reason TO get things figured out! It's in the family, and if my children get it, I want to be prepared so they aren't scared or feel like freaks. Weird how when it's yourself you'll allow yourself to be passive and just try to pretend it's not an issue, but when the potential for your child to be affected comes up, you get all KINDS of proactive!) so I've got no excuse to not get this handled.

Thanks for answering my question, and if anyone has any other suggestions for me, I'm happy to listen. I can't help but view this as a gun being placed in my hand. It's not good, nor evil in and of itself. Just a tool, but one with a lot of responsibility in its use and in its ownership. I either need to learn how to be a responsible owner and make it safe... or I need to find someone who can make sure it's unloaded and safely taken away. I might not be thrilled to be handed it, but it's my job to make sure I know how to deal with it. And I'll take any education I can get!

Thanks again and should anyone connected to the site should find themselves in northern Ohio and wanting a cup of tea (or a mug of coffee/glass of my husband's home brewed mead) and some cookies as a better thank you, just drop me a line!


Dear Jenna,

Girl!...You need to buy yourself some new jewelry! I recommend blue opal (not lab created) or black tourmaline. Either of these will create a protective barrier blocking other people's emotions, energy, and bullshit. This is really going to help you know what your issues are versus theirs. Also, it will help you control both of your abilities.

Please read this article about a wonderful little gift you can give your baby. 

Don't you dare let someone unload your "gun" for you! It's your gun, you're the one wielding said gun, and deep down inside I know you're going to be safe with that gun. You've already taken a number of steps to enhance/control your abilities, which means you have the safety on. Read the book, get the jewelry, and keep me updated!

We're thinking about an Ask A Witch tour! Maybe one day we will be in Ohio... You're going to want to make sure you stock up on that mead!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mandy from Dallas, TX

Is there a spell I can do over food to make the receiver fall in love? Say I give somebody chocolates I've prayed over. How would I go about doing such a thing?


Dear Mandy,

Just that. Put your hands over the chocolate and pray. Don't have your hands too close to the chocolate though, because it'll melt! Good luck!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Al from Hyattsvile, MD

What are your thoughts about the paranormal (ghosts and such)? Not just what's on television but actual hauntings and places that are supposedly haunted by spirits that refuse to cross over. If so, do you believe that they can harm us? Or can we harm them? And are all wandering spirits human? Thanking you in advance.


Dear Al,

Of course I believe ghosts/spirits are real, but I do not believe that most of them are "lost" or "trapped" or have "unfinished business". I lost my twin brother when we were 16 years old and his spirit has stayed with me the 20+ years he's been gone. It's not because he's trapped. It's not because there is unfinished business left here for him. It's because he's waiting for me. He's not with me 24/7. Sometimes he "haunts" my mom and plays little tricks on her. Sometimes he's off wandering, seeing all the places he couldn't see when he was alive. 

A spirit could hurt us and we could hurt spirits, but most spirits have no interest in harming or hurting the living. They just want to experience different things or stay in the specific locations they enjoy. In other words, they just want to hang out. 

Your last questions is pretty tricky to answer, but I'm going to say no because there are the spirits of animals that remain plus otherworldly spirits like the fae and mythical creatures.


P.S. I really enjoyed your question! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jacelyn from Chicago, IL

So, I get deja vu quite often, enjoy being alone, am incapable of following the crowd despite desperately wanting to, and feel as though I feel/see things that others can't (people have even told me that I had interesting perspectives/knowledge of things - not to sound like I think highly of myself or anything). I often think about someone and then they'll show up right behind me. I pick up on energy of electrical appliances (like I'll know if they're on even if I'm not in the room and they don't make noise). I sometimes feel what one may describe as paranoia, and I'll think there's someone in the room when they are not (and I've recently found out that my sister is psychic - if being psychic is real - and whenever she says she sees someone, that's precisely the moment I'll be thinking that I feel a presence). I often either know when something bad is going to happen or I'll be thinking about that potentially happening and it will, although it is a random thing that wasn't something that was necessarily a possibility to anyone, etc. I never thought that being a witch was a possibility in life, but I've always thought that actually being able to be one would be AMAZING. I thought everyone thought this, and when I brought it up to many different people, they all claimed that it would be terrible and not fun at all. This actually shocked me. I mean, I believed it wasn't actually a possibility, but was still something people would choose if given the opportunity. But then because I brought it up to my family, my mother believed that I was practicing witchcraft, although I know almost nothing about it. Her interrogating me prompted me to actually look up how to be a witch only to find out that you are supposed to be born one. I found an article about what are the signs of being a witch, and although I could relate to everything there, I have the feeling that most people could as well. It seems too vague, and although most people probably only occasionally exhibit these traits, they probably think they do quite often anyway. For example, I asked my father if he felt like he could relate to those traits and he said he pretty much could, but at the same time, couldn't think of examples of those things happening to him because he doesn't “make a mental note of it”. I can think of examples because these things occur quite often, and I can think of examples of some of these traits just from this week alone. So, if you know anything about what a witch is supposed to be like or any websites or books I should visit or read that are about being a witch or knowing if you are one, please inform me of them. Do you think I could have been one all along and not have known? I'm still not fully convinced they're real because I've had this idea of them only being fictional characters my entire life. I've been more of a logical person than a spiritual one (not that they can't necessarily go hand in hand).

This is sort of a jumbled mess, but I really would like to be pinpointed to some real information and not just any random website I find on Google. 


Dear Jacelyn,

I was born a witch. I was born and found witchcraft a little later in life, but in my mind I was still born a witch. Unfortunately, I don't have supernatural powers. I can't freeze time, move stuff with my mind, or levitate, but I am still a witch nonetheless. A witch can be any person, male or female, thin or hefty, short or tall, with any skin color, in any career. A witch is a person practicing Wicca or witchcraft (or other pagan paths). In the movie Practical Magic there is a great line: "There's a little bit of witch in all of us." The gifts that you and your sister have, the psychic abilities, are nothing more than being more in tune with or aware of the energies around you. But being psychic doesn't make you a witch. 

As for books on Wicca or witchcraft, these are the three I usually recommend to people: The Craft by Dorothy Morrison, Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, and Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Belle from London, UK

Is it possible to enter someone else's body? Like steal/possess it or something?


Dear Belle,

No it is not.  What or who are you trying to do/steal/possess?


Thursday, April 4, 2013

VK from the Middle East

Hey! Blessed be! I just wanted to thank you soooooo x10000 much for opening this blog! Of course, I, too, have a problem. Ok, so my problem begins that I was born and brought up in India (until the age of 7) and in the Middle East (where I am currently living). So my problem is first of all my country (UAE) banned witchcraft, and the whole Middle East banned Wicca or witchcraft or anything magical working as they are strictly Islamic! In fact you should know that Saudi Arabia banned Wicca/witchcraft and stated that any person found of practicing Wicca or fortune telling or astrology woud be BEHEADED! Such motherf***ers they are! -_- Now I am stuck in UAE with my parents and sister and I want desperately to practice Wicca and witchcraft, but my family is from a Hindu background and restricted me from going into all this stuff. Still, I downloaded about 72 books on witchcraft and I read them to gain knowledge and information so at least I would be ready to cast a spell if necessary. So... umm what should I DO? I mean I have such limited resources to learn and here, you can never get books on witchcraft anywhere! You could get candles of all colors except black, :(  some limited herbs, incense of all kinds. No athames, no wands, no altar cloths, and no goddess or god statues :( The bastards don't even keep important herbs like rosemary, sage, or any other important herbs and not even annointing oils! -_- I am 13, going to be 14 in September, and I am soooooo desperate to start practicing. I also want to do astral projection and other stuff, but I don't know where to start and how to start with no one to help. :(  There may be more in UAE like me but everyone is so scared of the law! Please give me some advice!


Dear VK,

Since reading your question, the Ask A Witch team has debated back and forth what would be the best answer for you. I'm all about freedom of religion, and because I live in the USA, I can take that stand every day without fear of jail, punishment, and/or death. Because I don't have that fear, I can openly practice, get on my soap box, and even have a world wide blog. 

But, honey, you can't. I'm sorry, but we did our research, and openly practicing withcraft in your country is just not worth it. I often tell my students the most powerful weopon in their arsenal is themselves. That's what I'm going to say to you. You don't need candles. You don't need tools. You don't need books. And for the love of the divine, please do not visit websites. Being a witch is in your heart and is not something that has to be displayed. 

Check back in with us and let us know that you are safe.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Troubled Conscience from Lorton, VA

I am having a bit of a moral dilemma. For some back story, I was essentially forced to attend school A over school B, where l I received a full scholarship, since my parents said that they would not support me financially if I went to school B. Being 18 and made to be grossly dependent on my parents for everything (financial, emotional support-they are emotionally and mentally abusive), I bent and went to school A. School A costs $55,000 a year. A few days after attending school A, my parents called to tell me that they would not be able to support me anyway since they still had my brother at home. Basically, I got a big kick in the pants from the Universe to level up. Over the course of my school years, I became aggressively independent and am happy to say that I've been supporting myself completely since that phone call.

Now, for the problem. My parents took out a parent loan for my first semester of school. I am estranged from my parents. The loan is in their name and legally, they are responsible for the payments. My parents told me after every fight we ever had while I was in school, that it was to be my responsibility to pay it back and thus I always felt obligated to pay the loan since it was for my education. So, am I morally obligated to try and make payments on the loan? Will this hurt me karmically? I used to have access to the account, but they changed all the information so I can't log in anymore. I refuse to get in contact with them (and I also have a restraining order against them so I couldn't anyway) because I have a funny feeling that they are trying to get me back under their control.

Thanks for listening!


Dear Troubled Conscience,

Hell no, you are not morally obligated to pay back their loan. I would have suggested you pay the loan back as a way of maintaining your independence... but if everything you've said is true, then let them deal with it!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Donald from Glen Rock, PA

What does four piles of dirt in my back yard mean? This is not the first time and wierd things are taking place.


Dear Donald,

I don't know.  Maybe you have a groundhog or another critter tearing up your yard.  What weird things are taking place?