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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TLR from Colorado

I know that this is going to sound pretty strange, but please stick with me. For my entire life, I have had a close connection to Death. I have encountered him many times as my family members died and as I have had attempts as well. The other night I decided to call upon Death, to talk to him at least. When I did, I felt a pang in my stomach. That's what told me that he was near. As I continued to talk to him, I felt my my arms being held in place upon my pillow, and where it felt like hands were holding my arms down, the areas went numb. As I continued to talk to him, I felt weight on my chest as if a cat were laying there, and my chest was warm as well and numb. Then I asked Death to give me a sign that he was there, to make me feel pain, and he did. My stomach began to hurt again, and there was a pain in my heart. My breathing became slower as if it was getting harder to breathe. Then, just as I was about to fall asleep, it felt as if someone was wrapping their arms around me, as if to hold me as I slept. I don't know if this is important as well, but a while ago I asked my tarot cards who my soul mate was and, as plain as day, it gave me the Death card. Can you please help me? What does any of this mean???


Dear TLR,

Let me tell you what it doesn't mean: it doesn't mean that your soul mate is the Grim Reaper (aka Death).

The Death card in tarot represents change and transformation, so maybe you need to do a WHOLE LOT of personal work before your soul mate enters your life.