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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Eden from Belgium

Thank you for helping me with my previous question! It's been a lot more peaceful in my home.

I'm sorry if these questions seem weird,. I know that you're busy. I've been reading a lot of the posts, but I'm not sure if it's the same. I'm sorry if you've already answered this question.

So here's my question: Lately I've gotten feelings that someone was touching me. Sometimes my arm or leg in class, but mostly at night. It feels like someone is lying next to me and laying his/her arm around me. It doesn't feel threatening but really relaxing and loving. I asked my friend, who has been practicing Wicca way longer than me, who said it was something bad.

Something else is that I seem to hear things that others can't. In the cafeteria at my school, I suddenly heard music like it was playing from an old boombox. My other friends didn't hear it. When I was on a campsite, I heard a football game like it was playing from a TV. Again, no one else heard it. I looked up clairaudience, but on those websites it said that you hear voices that are not yours. I have never had that, so that can't be, right? Once I was with my grandmother, and she was on the other side of a room packed with people. Suddenly I heard her voice as clear as if she was standing next to me. I wasn't even concentrating on her, but I heard her conversation perfectly. As soon as she went away it was gone.

I'm not saying I have supernatural hearing or something like that, because that doesn't exist, right? I really hope you can help me.


Dear Eden,

Your friend is an idiot. If the energy feels relaxing and loving, then it is. It is most likely a family member or friend who has passed away or your spirit guide offering you comfort.

The boombox music and football game you hear could have come from clairaudient abilities. It could have been your spirit guide (or just a spirit) trying to get your attention.

As for your grandmother's conversation you overheard from across a crowded room, some people do have really keen hearing which can come and go randomly. It's not common... but it's not all that uncommon either.