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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paige from Shamokin, PA

For a long time I have been feeling like I was being watched. Sometimes I get really warm all over my body and or get light headed. I never feel like I'm alone or have any privacy unless I am in the restroom. Do you know what this means? I was taking a bath tonight around 8-9 pm when I put my right hand under the water and my thumb got this funny feeling. My thumb felt like it was burning - you know when you touch a hot burner or something like that - so I took my thumb out of the water and examined it. There were three indents in it all in a line. Have you ever had someone dig their nails into your skin and leave those marks? That's what it looked like, only going left to right. Also, there were two or three; I'm not sure. I shrugged it off and put my hand back in the water only to have the same burning sensation so I took it out and examined it again. There were two hole-shaped indents, one on the left side of the line of indentations and the other above the first hole. That's when I got curious, and I stuck my hand back in the water only to feel the same burning. I kept my hand in the water until the burning faded. I pulled my thumb out of the water only to see a third hole-shaped indentation on the top of my thumb. My thumb didn't burn anymore. I examined my hand after the bath and the marks were still there. Now after, I see my thumb and there's no mark. Is this a sign or something or just plain paranoia?


Dear Paige,

The feelings of being watched and feeling warm and/or light headed are connected with spirit activity happening around you.  It's nice that they usually leave you alone while you're in the bathroom.

As for your other question, I have no idea what could have happened. If it were a spirit, I would think it would mark you out of the water rather than in it.  Has it happened again?