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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ritamarie from Orlando, FL

Okay, at this point I don't know where to go, so I'm hoping one of you could shed some insight. My fiance and I have been together going on four years. His parents are into Santeria as is his older brother. They have altars and perform rituals and everything. My fiance is not - or should I say was not - into it until late last year when his father suddenly died of a heart attack. Immediately the day after, he lost his job and we ended up getting an eviction. During this time, my fiance inherited a santo. The santo was supposed to stand for getting rid of all that was not necessary. I don't know anything about the religion, but I asked him if there was a chance the santo did not want us together, and he said that wasn't how it worked. My fiance and I have always lived together in our own apartment, and his mother has always disliked me because I come from a very strong Christian household. During holidays we would spend together or anytime I would go to their house, I would get sick (my energy completely drained, headaches, etc.). I asked if the santo had to stay in our apartment and he said no. His mother decided she wanted to move to Tampa and convinced my fiance to go with her after we just signed a new lease here in Orlando. Because of the distance, I don't get to see him much. In the past month, I've seen him once, but he is the type to always at least call or text me just to check up. The past two weeks, I've noticed he doesn't call or text me. If I text him, he hardly ever answers and tells me I should understand he is tired from work and just wants to sleep. He has turned very angry, and yesterday I texted him to tell him our dog was sick (his mother hates the dog), and he started telling me that all I do is annoy the hell out of him. I have seen a psychic before all of this happened, back in June, and she confirmed that his mother has put some type of control over him. Also, the psychic kept mentioning that we were going to encounter distance for a long time. Now I understand what she was talking about. My question there anything I can do on my end to try to break him of whatever she put on him? The psychic has confirmed that he is my destiny and that we are meant to be together, but I don't know if there is a way, or do I just have to let his mother do this?


Dear Ritamarie,

There are very few things that I won't mess with. One of them is the bond between a mother and a son. Let me tell you that you're treading on some thin ice here because you're blaming his mom for what's happening with your fiance. It could be possible she has nothing to do with it. There are a couple of Santerian books easily available which can help you break the curse/hex that COULD have been placed; however, this is assuming something like that has been done. The nice thing about Santeria is that it has a lot of Christian/Catholic undertones to it, so the saints and incantations they use should be okay with your Christian background. If you and your fiance get back together, you need to take that shit to the grave! Don't ever tell him you performed any kind of spell work, hex work, or mojo involving him and his mother. That's a sure breakup right there.