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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kathy from Wrentham, MA

I have been on this path solitary for a long time, but still have so much to learn. I have two women at work - but especially one, Kim - who are really bullying me. She will smile and talk to you one minute and then give you dirty looks and ignore you the next. I have been there over a year. She has been there a few months more, and she has made my time there a living hell. I love this job and work very hard. My boss is always saying I'm a great worker, but lately Kim is telling him things or twisting things to try to change his opinion of me. She is very good at this. I have seen her do things and could also do the same thing, but I just want her to stop or go away. She claims she is so religious but yet acts very evil. No one at work knows my beliefs because it would be a problem. Could you suggest some spells or amulets or stones that could help me? I look at spells but usually will wait and think before I do any, especially if I'm upset. I feel like she's winning. It's been very hard. I would appreciate anything you suggest. Thank you.


Dear Kathy,

We had a question about a similar situation. Please read our response to Courtney from Kingston, NH for a few suggestions.

Let us know how things work out.