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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mike from Santee, CA

My first question is a little silly, maybe even stupid, but do heavy clouds in the night sky hinder the moon's potency in magic? I guess I figure if they can block the sun's kiss on my skin then perhaps they might block the moon's boon to a spell, perhaps not.

My next question has to do with the ouija board. When I was a child, my dad had lost his car keys and I could see the frustration on his face as he searched high and low for them. Wanting to help, I suggested to my older brother that we ask the ouija Board and so we did. But we knew nothing about the board except that it was supposed to answer questions; we were young, maybe 10 and 12. It was "where are my dad's keys?" "C" "you're moving it!" "A" "no I'm not!" "R" ::skeptical squint::. Without saying goodbye or thank you or asking the entity where it was from, we ran to the car and sure as shit there they were, either in the ignition or on the floor board, I don't remember exactly because this was about 20 years ago. And I'm not sure how long after, but I was sitting in front of my bedroom door playing with some action figures and I heard a male's voice whisper my name - "Michael" - and nobody calls me Michael, nobody. It's either Mike or Jay, but never Michael. The voice came from somewhere near the closet that the ouija board was in. I looked in the direction of the voice expecting to see my brother but instead there was nothing, only empty bunk beds. My only response was to drop everything in my hand and run in the opposite direction and into the living room. You can imagine my shock to find both my dad and my brother in the kitchen preparing dinner. Nobody else was in the house. When I asked if either of them were just in the bedroom they both said no. I explained why I asked, and my dad told me that if I'm hearing voices, not to answer them. Without a word, I collected my toys and played at the coffee table. From then to now, bad things have happened, sure, but I've had more good things happen than bad, so if the entity is still with me, I don't think it's malevolent or anything. As a friend of mine noted, I have the worst good luck in the world. Also noteworthy is my ex wife, whom I met in Japan, had an ability to see spirits. She would see orbs of light when she was a young girl. One night, she woke up and saw a man standing at the bedside in my favorite shirt looking down on her, silently. She said she thought it was me, but she got scared and buried her face into my shoulder... therefore it couldn't have been me, at least not physically. The question: could this entity be following me, maybe waiting for me to end the call? And if so, do I need the same ouija board? Does it have to be in the same residence that the connection was first made? Although I'm no stranger to the occult, I am new to it and don't understand all the rules and guidelines. I don't actively practice witchcraft (sorry if that's an offensive term), nor have I touched a spirit board since then. Also I have no religious preference so I have no spiritual leader to offer me any insight or advice on the subject. Thank you for your time.


Dear Mike,

Answer #1 - Nope. The energy from the moon (and sun for that matter) can be used in magickal workings even if they are covered by clouds.

Anser #2 - Most of us have an interesting ouija board story to tell, and it's usually because we are playing with the board instead of really using the board.

I doubt the same spirit you called on 20 years ago is still hanging around... but just in case... you should formally release them by thanking them for their time, effort, help, and information. You don't need the same board or be in the same house since you feel them around you despite the 20 years and multiple moves.

Here are some helpful hints when using a ouija/spirit board:
  • Smudge/cleanse area
  • Smudge/cleanse participants
  • Cast circle (create sacred space)
  • Ground and center
  • Gently place hands on planchette (pointer), apply very little pressure
  • Focus on breathing (While inhaling, think about opening yourself up to the universe. While exhaling, think about letting go of fear and blockages)
  • Un-focus mind
  • Invite positive, useful spirits to join you
  • Speak out loud in a clear voice
  • Begin with yes/no questions until you get a feel for the spirit you are communicating with
  • When you feel the energy has stopped flowing, take a few deep breaths
  • Ground and center again
  • Release the circle