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Monday, May 26, 2014

Alabaster from Sydney, Australia

Hi, so I've been wondering a few things about the craft. All stories need a beginning, and here is mine. I first found my passion for magic when I discovered my natural ability for curses. I realized I could make bad things happen to people who "annoyed" me. As a teen I, needless to say, abused the power I had been given. This went on for a while. I was hurting so many people and was being filled with terribly negative thoughts and energy. It eventually got to a point I now blame myself for the death of another who was close to me (my reasoning: I believe in the three-fold law and it was a by-product of all the negative energy I had created.) So I had had enough of the negativity and decided to only help others with my witchcraft. So I took up witchcraft and I find it a lot more difficult than the dark crafts. I need help. I can still charge and cast simple spells, but they always seem to be ineffective or rebound. What should I do? Forgetting the craft isn't a option. I love it, but I don't want to go back to my dark casting. By the way, I'm an eclectic witch. Thank you in advance.


Dear Alabaster,

You should feel bad for your past actions and you should spend a lifetime trying to make up for it.  You didn't "abuse" the power you had been given; you abused the poor people who had the audacity to "annoy" you.

I suggest you back off spell casting for while and focus more on the spirituality of witchcraft. Get to a great place of connection with the Divine, then begin to work with spells.

You are an eclectic idiot if you CHOOSE to go back to your old ways.