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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bethany from Peterborough, Canada

Hello.  I believe a certain woman put a break up spell on me and my boyfriend, and I don't know how to fix things between us again. This woman was my boyfriend's mentor when he was learning magick, and she is a very experienced witch. I've heard from my boyfriend that she was planning on starting her own coven. Since my boyfriend started learning from her in October, she has been constantly suggesting to him that we should break up (I should also mention my boyfriend and me were dating long distance - him being in Alberta and me living in Ontario). In December, when I came to visit him for the holidays, I asked how his training with her was going. He said he broke things off with her because she tried to have sex with him, and throughout the holidays, he was still texting her. I explained to him I wasn't comfortable with that and asked that he tell her he doesn't want to hear from her again. The day after I got back from Alberta, I noticed an unexplained change in my emotions. I had an unexplained depression, and I constantly thought about hurting myself in really horrible ways. It turned out that day my boyfriend broke things off with her, and it was only when my boyfriend received an 18 page letter from his mentor in the mail that he found out she had put a curse on me. My boyfriend broke the curse on me, but three weeks later we had a huge break up and he doesn't want anything to do with me. He has no desire to get back together with me even though our relationship was very serious. We were both very serious about getting married when we could afford it. It's been two months since me and him have broken up, and I've heard from him that he has started talking to his mentor again. He's even let her come over to his condo (when she brings alcohol), and he knows that her intentions with him are purely sexual.

I just feel at a loss as to what to do because my whole life feels like its been uprooted. Each time I try to work things out with him, he wants to have no part in it.

I'm not looking for revenge on that woman. I just wish she could leave both me and my beloved alone so that we can have back the life we've always talked about. I wish that my ex's heart would be softened, and that he'd be willing to give what we had a chance again.

I'm not very experienced in witchcraft myself, but I do try to learn and grow from what I can find in books or online. Please help me.


Dear Bethany,

Why would you want such a weak-willed person in your life? If he really was your "soul mate" then he would have severed his relationship with that woman after he heard she had "cursed" you.  He sounds like a waste of flesh to me.  
But it's your life and if you want to get back together with a man you can't trust, then far be it for me to keep soul mates apart.

Dorothy Morrison's Utterly Wicked is a book you'll need to buy ASAP. I'm sure you'll find a number of spells in there that will help you achieve your goals.