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Friday, May 16, 2014

David from Suffolk, VA

Years ago, I joined a Christian cult that practices shunning. There is no way to leave it without losing your family. The main headquarters and local church keeps records of its members. It would be quite problematic for them to no longer be in possession of these records. They cannot officially shun members without proof of them being a member. There is no independent thinking against their teachings. The leaders basically schedule the members' lives in slaving for their cause. Members out of sight are hounded about what they've been doing, and why they aren't in church. The family members are convinced to shun family that leave, or kicked out until they return. Family will be kicked out if they maintain contact with an ousted family member. It is a no win situation for anyone wishing to leave. I've contacted others in the craft who have told me nothing could done. Yet others are saying magic can be of service to me. I'd like some insight into whether magic can be of service, or not.


Dear David,

There really isn't anything that could or should be done. The members of the cult are making a conscious decision to shun their family members who decide to leave. Although it may be painful for everyone involved, it is still a decision individual people are making.

Please read Cults - 5 Keys to Surviving the Cult Experience by Henrik V. Blunck for more information about cults.