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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sabrina from Flint, MI

I met my soul mate June 23, 2007, we fell in love fast and married August 13, 2009. His mom was so mad she didn't even come to the wedding. Shortly after, she said she was going to cast spells and did anything and everything to cause us to divorce. She promised we would divorce. Well, we divorced August 9, 2011. I was cursed. She was happy. He was cursed, too, but men react differently than women. He is now with another girl. He claims he is happy and they are engaged. His mom loves her probably because she's the same age as his mom. I babble on. Is there anything I can do to break the spell and get my soulmate back? Please, please help me. I love him and I know we are meant to be together. That spell needs to be broken.


Dear Sabrina,

Leave well enough alone, honey. Your ex monster in-law has a firm hold on her son and he seems to enjoy it. Even if you and your "soul mate" got back together, you'd still have to deal with the M O T H E R.

But I know you aren't going to listen to me. So buy Dorothy Morrison's book Utterly Wicked. I'm sure you'll find a number of spells in there that will help you out.