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Friday, June 20, 2014

Adam from Albuquerque, NM

When I stared at myself in my bathroom mirror, my face distorted and changed into a demon and two other men I never met. Research shows me that I was scrying. My question is how do I remove those evil spirits within? Prayer didn't work, fasting didn't work, and going to church to cast it out didn't work. Iv'e been studying about invocation and evocation, but that stuff seems complex. Is there a simple way to banish the evil within me? At first these things terrified me. Now I'm used to it. Any feedback would greatly appreciated.


Dear Adam,

I really don't feel that you looking into the mirror would be considered scrying, since scrying means you are intentionally looking for something in the mirror.  Whatever you saw may not be "in" you but in the mirror you were looking in. Mirrors can hold energy and/or spirits. Personally I would get rid of the mirror, but if you have an emotional attachment to the mirror try cleansing it with sage or sweetgrass.