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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cheyenne from Oxnard, CA

I was wondering if you could interpret something I saw in my dream. In the dream I was wearing two necklaces. One had an alchemical symbol (platinum, which looks like a circle and crescent moon), but the pendant itself was gold with a diamond in the circle. The crescent moon-looking part was above the circle rather than on the side. The other necklace was a clear crystal with a tiny metal plate on it with words I couldn't interpret. I'm not too sure there's any significant meaning to what I saw, but I feel strongly inside me that there is something about it I should know.


Dear Cheyenne,

The symbol could represent the witches' Horned God. The crescent represents the horns of a stag, bull, goat, etc. The circle underneath represents the sun. Gold is generally the color of the Sun God. Now the diamond could represent any number of different things like; healing, fertility, easing depression, etc.

Clear crystal magnifies the energy of any gemstone it's near.

Hope this helps!