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Monday, June 9, 2014

Cory from High Ridge, MO

Is it possible to be cursed by someone who doesn't know magic? I ask because a guy I was in army with had the world's worst luck, luck bad enough that you literally thought you could see a dark cloud above his head. Anyway, we angered him one day because he had unfortunate luck that got us all laughing at him. I was two weeks from being discharged and going home, and at the height of his temper, he said he was passing his terrible luck on to me to take home. Since then, my luck just does not give me a break, and it's been ten years. He is only link I have to when it seemed my luck took a turn for the worse. Thanks.


Dear Cory,

Yikes!!!! Guess you'll think twice before laughing at someone's terrible luck next time, huh? Hopefully you learned a powerful lesson ;-)

To change your luck you need to start with smudging (wafting smoke over) yourself and your home with a bundle of sage. Make sure you start at the very bottom of your home and work your way to the very top. As for smudging yourself, you'll want to start at your feet and carefully move to the top of your head.

Immediately after smudging, you'll want to sit down visualize (see/sense/feel/know) all the "bad luck" moving away from you. See the "dark cloud" leaving your body and dissipating harmlessly away from you.

Lastly, you'll want to pray to whatever Divine you recognize and ask them to grant you positive luck/energy.