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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Don from Jackson, MI

I need to know if your father can damn you. My dad was a real mental case. He would fly off the handle at the drop of a hat. His favorite condemnation was "GOD DAMN YOU TO HELL" or "GOD DAMN YOUR LOOKS." My question is CAN this be interpreted as a spell or seen as a source of damnation? My life after he died seemed to spiral out of control; I lost my wife, lost my house, lost my girlfriend, lost my job, became an alcoholic, my health is now deteriorating, and I really don't think I have much time. I was injured in the military and I've given up on the VA. I can't work now and Social Security told me to take a hike. I don't like being a burden and am ok with the idea of my demise. I believe I am cursed by this man. I saw three crows the other day in the graveyard. This is supposed to be the indicator of a curse. I'm making my will now and I want to be buried in Canada. I think this may protect my soul from the curse. Do you think I am right?


Dear Don,

I'm hoping this response finds you alive and holding on because this "question" reads a little like a suicide note.

I know first hand how detrimental parents' words can be to a child.  Your life is less about a curse and more about mental, emotional, and verbal abuse, which are just as damaging as physical and sexual abuse.

When we experience severe traumas in our life (abusive parents and going to war) we can, and do, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD can lead to severe depression, addictions to self-medicating substances, and extreme personality changes.

Please don't give up and especially don't give up on the VA. They've been in the news A LOT lately and they are under a lot of scrutiny so now might be the best time to get yourself back into the VA and ask about medications and therapies for PTSD and severe depression.

Please keep me updated on your progress and I'll keep you in my thoughts and conversations with my Lord and Lady.