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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Megi from Vlore, Albania

Hey, I am thinking of casting a love spell on someone I like. Can you tell me any good, yet easy to do, ones? No "lights off" or scary things cause I'm not able to do them. Are there any consequences to this spell (this is the first I'm going to try, beginner witch) because I read online that it can backfire you sometimes. Like instead of making the guy fall for you, you fall for him even harder. Is that true? What about voodoo dolls? Do they work for this? Are they dangerous?! Any last advice for a soon-to-be-witch like me? Thanks.


Dear Megi,

I'm not a big fan of love spells simply because there can be too many outside variables.  Plus if someone is going to love me I want them to love ME and not some spell I worked.

Now... having said that... spells can be as simple as lighting a pink candle with the name of your love on it to something as complicated as a full blown ritual.

For a fairly easy to do spell, simply modify the spell I suggested to Merlin from Camelot, VA.

Since you're a beginner I would stay away from voodoo dolls!