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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chetan from Guateng, South Africa

URGENT! Hi, I have been by so many witches in the last six months that I have wasted tons of money that I don't have. However, there is no change in my divorce as the lawyers are busy working out settlements between them, and all I want is my wife back. I am with a guy in Boksburg that wants me to take a loan of R35,000 (approximately $3,274 USD) to help me. Is this right or not? Please, I beg of someone to assist me with this as I have not much time left and am tired of being messed around with. Thank you.


Dear Chetan,

DO NOT GIVE THAT GUY ANY MONEY!!!! He can't make your wife come back to you.

Dorothy Morrison has a wonderful book called Utterly Wicked (click on the title to buy it on Amazon) that just might have a spell to help you out.