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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maxine from Newman, CA

Can someone please help give me guidance? I have power that I can't explain coming from within, and can only control sometimes. I have had several strange things happen. Several times I've taken a bath with nothing but white candles lit and levitated in water. When I got out and tried turning the lights on, they wouldn't work. When I would come back sometime later, the lights would work fine. I also have a power to think about something, and the next person I see will bring me what I think of, or say the thoughts I'm having, with them having no clue. I've also out of no where said the thoughts that the people around me have had, without me knowing, and them ending up looking at me bewildered. Also, when I was a young girl, I had a step-parent who wasn't the parent of the year. Her hair started to fall out after I had thoughts of anger and pain from her come into my mind. I went to take her laundry out of the dryer, and these huge balls of hair the size of tennis balls fell out on me. I didn't use magic with her. It all came from my mind. Can someone please help answer what these events are or what I'm doing?


Dear Maxine,

Levitating in water is called floating.

Your power is called psychic ability. Being able to know what someone is thinking or to know what someone is about to bring are forms of psychic abilities. This means your subconscious mind is able to read the energy of people and places you're around. As for your stepmother, I wouldn't be bragging about that. It's pretty horrible. You may not have used magick to cause the hair loss, but your constant negative thoughts about her and sending her thoughts of anger and pain could very well have made her hair fall out.