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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Panthea from Bucharest, Romania

So, there is this kid living on my street whose family is pretty poor and his parents are far away from him. They both work in other countries or in other places, and from what I heard his parents are divorced. He is about 7, but I really want to help him. I really want to do something. His father promised he'd visit him to go in the park with him, but he didn't even do that for a special day in our country, the Child's Day. I want to help him, give him a crystal, rune, or something. What should I do?


Dear Panthea,

What a wonderfully generous person you are. This message shows what a giving heart you have.

Brown tiger's eye would be the perfect stone for this little boy. It will help protect him against negativity and it will help him to feel strong and courageous.

If possible, and appropriate, you might think about initiating a friendship with him so he'll have someone he can talk to.

Please let me know how he is doing.