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Friday, July 4, 2014

Sarah from Virginia

I have a very important court case coming up. I know that I will win, but how much I get is the real question. I have an EEO case against my job for discrimination against my now permanent disability. It actually wasn't permanent until they forced me to work outside of my medical restrictions, causing me to get hurt again, twice. Now I am severely limited in what I can physically do. My back will only get worse from now on and I will require more surgeries in the future. I appear fairly normal on a good day, but I am no longer allowed to bend or twist, or do any of the adrenaline junkie things that I like to do anymore, which really sucks. I might never be able to carry a child through a pregnancy and my doctor says that I am not allowed to ride horses again which is my absolute favorite thing to do. I'm not looking to make trouble for my job, which I still work at, I just want what is owed to me for, in a sense, ruining the rest of my life. Any advice or spell suggestions? Thank you do much.


Dear Sarah,

I'm so sorry to read about all of your pain.

13 Magickal Moons has a great legal matters spell kit which has been extremely successful for many people.

Dorothy Morrison also has a fantastic spell in her book Utterly Wicked.

You might also want to look into crystal healing and Reiki, which is a form of energy healing. Both of these could help you manage your pain, and both would work well with any current methods doctors are using to treat you.

Best of luck, hon!