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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tina from Franklin, TN

I recently moved to the Franklin, TN area. One day as I was going to a home to look at it to lease, I suddenly knew I had seen the home in a dream. Upon entering the home, I felt a doom feeling and suddenly became sick to my stomach. I knew there was something evil in the house or with the agent showing it. I asked her if the house had an attachment. She told me no. I said do you? She then told me that she had an exorcism done on herself but needed another one, and she asked how I knew. I told her I had gifts. My question is why would she be burning sage and rosemary in the garage and coffee beans on the kitchen stove? Was this for a spell? I appreciate your help!


Dear Tina,

Sage and rosemary  are cleansing herbs, and the thick smoke helps remove negative energy. Coffee beans on the stove is a way to entice potential buyers by making them feel more at home with homey scents.