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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Titanium from Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hi, I am quite a newbie. I became interested in Wicca the moment I saw fascinating images and art related to it. My heart skipped a beat every single time I learned more of it. Moreover, I realized that Wicca has already taken my heart. The tradition, the purpose, the views, and the sum of it made me feel so vibrant. I have imagined myself fulfilling the milestones of Wicca. I love the environment and everything living in it. Reading through Wiccan literature captures me more and more. I am aware that I can be a solitary believer, however I'd like to interact with other Wiccans. UAE has banned and prohibited witchcraft or Wicca, however, a little caution is no issue. I'd like to ask if there is someone you may have known who practices Wicca in the UAE. When can I possibly be called a true Wiccan? I can't be initiated in a coven since I'm too far from the rest. I've learned that self-initiation is possible. However, I still get these uncertainties about when I may label myself as a Wiccan. This question may already be a common question from newbies, but your advice will matter most to me.


Dear Titanium,

Generally initiations are a year and a day after you first began practicing. Because of the area you live in, you need to use a lot more than just a little caution. I need you to be very aware that practicing witchcraft in your country is punishable by death. So please remain in the broom closet and don't share this info with anybody. It takes one person in a bad mood to tell the wrong person and you could be in serious danger. The Lord and Lady will understand the necessity of you being a practitioner in your heart and soul... but not outwardly. I never thought I would say this to a practicing witch, but I doubt it's even safe for you to have a Book of Shadows.