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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Darius from Rome, Italy

Hello, my name is Darius. I have lived in Rome, Italy for some time now,  but I was born in Poland.

So I have a story to tell you and I would love to have an honest answer.  I was a young boy, 8 years old (I was born February 29, 1972) and as I remember it was the winter of 1980, bloody cold, and lot of snow. I had two sisters at this time and they were a little younger than me. 

All of us - me, my sisters, and my parents - were sitting in the living room watching TV. My father was smoking a cigarette and he had a lighter that looked like a gun; when you squeeze the trigger, it lights. At about 7 PM, we were all waiting for the cartoon to come on. I was playing with my father's lighter. My father told me to stop, so I put the lighter on the table.

The living room was normal. The sofa is in the center of the room with the TV on the right and windows with transparent curtains on the left. I want to add that the building was just two floors high, and we lived on the second floor. It was snowing and about -35C degrees outside.

So we are waiting for the cartoon and I started playing with the lighter again. At that moment, I saw someone on the other side of the window. I stood up to go closer. At the same time, my mom tells me not to go near the window. So when I was near the window, I opened the curtains, and was surprised to see a really old woman looking back at me. She had super green eyes. I remember that she wore a dirty, old-fashioned outfit. Her hair resembled what Tina Turner's hair would look like in the morning. Her face was old with lot of wrinkles.

When she looked at me this time, I was not scared or anything. I was just looking into her eyes. A moment later, it was like I was waking up. I had my father's lighter in my hand so I looked at the old woman and squeezed the trigger. She just disappeared. I saw her move like the wind.

My mom and dad started talking again. They were as surprised as I was because this was around 11 pm and they don't remember anything. I told my parents, but they think it was my imagination.

Can you please explain to me what happened that night? After that night, my life has been filled with very back luck like everyone is against me.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to your answer.


Dear Darius,

Imagine how insulting it is for a spirit to have a gun, even a fake one, pointed in her direction by a child who then pulled the trigger. It shows a complete lack of respect. Since you're claiming to have had bad luck since then, I would guess the spirit has been following you to pay you back. I recommend you speaking out loud a heartfelt apology to the spirit. I suspect things will begin to turn around at that time.