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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hannah from New South Wales, Australia

To start I am twelve, so hear me out. Don't just ignore me for my age, so here I go. Okay, so the other day in class we went outside to meditate (my teacher does this from time to time). My class was lying out on the concrete and it was fairly sunny so I put my cap over my face to stop the glaring of the sun on my eyes. The teacher began the meditation and I had my eyes opened and one of the specks of light that was shining through my hat was if freeing to all the rest. What I mean is that when I focused on it, it enlarged, and when I blinked my right eye it also blinked. The color was an electric blue and the pattern of it was of a mixture of the movement of lava and moment of bubbles through water. I thought it was kinda weird and strange. I wasn't creeped out by it or startled. I was just fascinated so I just kept looking at it. What does this mean or was it just a trick of light? Also at the same time when I put my right hand up to my ear and wriggled my fingers about, I could clearly see it projected up onto my hat like my hat was a screen and there was a camera on my ear (I am lying down during this meditation). I was also fascinated by this. It was clearly shown on my hat. My fingers were pigmented and were moving the same as my hand. I couldn't see my actual hand with my eyes because my hat was covering them (my hat is a cap). I thought it was amazing so I told my parents and my most trusted friend. They believe me, but can you explain this to me please? I am so confused, especially about my hand, and I know it wasn't a shadow. It was a clear projection of my hand. Also that night I decided while I was in bed to do the same meditation and when I stopped saying the words (my eyes are closed by the way) it was like everything happening at once on my eyelids and my brain felt sort of dizzy. When I say dizzy, I sort of mean overwhelmed by the movement of my eyelids. I opened my eyes and looked at the wall next to my bed and the shadows began to move. I couldn't clearly make out what was happening but it seemed to be two people (blurred figures) passing each other something or just taking each other's hand. I couldn't focus properly on it but I kept my eyes closed. I would have been able to see the imagery clearly. What does this mean? I am so confused. Is it just my mind playing up? I want to be a witch. Are these signs or just weird happenings? Also I have had moments when I either dreamt or thought of something random (when I say random i mean it pops into my head out of the blue. They are really pretty basic thoughts otherwise) and then they happen. Right now I can't remember all of the thoughts I had, but one of them was that I saw a blonde girl in my dream and she liked the same stuff I did and went to the same high school as me and we became friends. Strangely enough, that happened. Other things happened but I can't remember. Also today in math class I was sitting next to my friend. It's our little thing just go up to their faces and be doing a weird face. We laugh about it and all, but this time I was working on a problem when I thought that she was peering over my shoulder doing a face. When I turned around to see her, she was just back on her side of the desk working. That was strange but I always feel like there is a presence around me. I don't know. Please answer my experiences, and sorry that it was so long.


Dear Hannah,

The swirling light you saw during your meditation was the energy surrounding you. When you meditate, you naturally lower your protective walls, which allowed you to see the energy moving around you.

The shadowy/blurred people you saw were spirits. It was also a spirit you felt behind you.  The presence you always feel around you is also a spirit, but it's your spirit guide.

You might want to research enhancing your medium abilities!