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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hayley from United Kingdon

Hello there. (A challenging one, this - as it goes back decades): My now elderly stepfather made the mistake of lending a precious historical artifact to a well-known British comedian who needed it for one of his routines. He went repeatedly to the theatre to collect it as they'd agreed, and phoned the man's agent many times, but was always fobbed off! The comic (now also elderly) is still using it today! I'd love to get it back for my stepdad. Any ideas? (He's been told since that the chap never gives back things he has "borrowed" - bit of a crook it seems...)


Dear Hayley,

Dorothy Morrison's book, Utterly Wicked, has some great spells in it which you could use to try to get the article back.

Also, contact a lawyer before he dies, or else your historical artifact will become his family's heirloom!