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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anthony from San Antonio, TX

This isn't a question as much as it is advice/help. I have always known I've had a certain connection to myself, others, the earth, and the higher power out there. I've always known and believed I am a witch. I've just always been a little nervous/scared to tap into and really start to use these gifts since I didn't really know how. I used to watch Charmed as a kid, and though it's not at all what real magic is, I connected with it. So within the last three years, I've started to practice spells and rituals. But as I've sort of started to see results, I've started to use them in a very personal gain manner. I just want to know how it is you three refrain from this. I understand and believe personally that magic should be practiced to benefit the earth and its cause, not to change something that I want.

Also, lately, I've been doing this more often, and I find myself drained, feeling out of energy, and very weak. I know this is due to the way I practice magic. I just need advice on how to continue.


Dear Anthony,

I disagree with the personal gain thing. I think it's completely okay to perform magick for yourself to make your life better, just not at the malicious expense of another person. You may be feeling drained because you are not grounding, centering, and replenishing your energy sources after performing magick.