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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Niko from Pittsburg, CA

Hello, I have a question about Deity that is quite confusing to me. It actually has been for quite a long time. It's more of a Wiccan concept, I believe, in the soft polytheist view of the Divine. I understand that there is the Divine, Creator; then Wiccans divide the Source into two halves, God and Goddess. The confusion begins with the cultural deities. All cultural deities are aspects, forms, or faces of the Divine God and Goddess, correct? But some books claim to never mix deities, because some do not get along, according to mythology. But if they are all forms of the Divine, why would this be an issue? God conflicting with God?..It just doesn't make sense to me unless you're a hard polytheist viewing them each as separate and unique entities and not a part of one whole. Is it because of energy?. If I am doing love work, I would call upon Aphrodite for example, and not goddess Morrigan, because this aspect of the Goddess deals with more war, battle and over-coming obstacles rather than love. If it deals with "energy," that makes sense to me. Any advice would be much appreciated. Blessings!


Dear Niko,

I agree with you. I often tell my students to work with the deities that they feel a pull towards, no matter the culture they stem from.