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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Don from Lansing, MI

I am hopeful this will reach someone who cares. I am a spirit sensitive; I don't throw this out there because of the obvious. Two days ago, I stayed at a hotel in Lansing, MI for two nights. It was a holiday and I wanted some time to myself. When I entered the room, it took about two hours to feel this presence. It's a child and I feel so bad for it. I could sense it's caution and fear. It was abused and now is there waiting. I left the TV on at night to keep it occupied, but it shut it off around 3 am. The next night it came to me in a dream. I saw it as a doll, broken and disfigured, being thrown to the ground. I cried because it does not understand what happened to it. It knows I am not like the rest of them. I want to go back and help free this poor soul, but I don't know how. Can you help this child?


Dear Don,

Because you are spirit sensitive, I recommend you go back to the hotel and invite the child to come to your home. With time, love, patience, and understanding s/he will move on to the Summerland on their own.

I will light a candle on the altar for both of you. Please write in again and let me know what happens.

Much love and respect,